General Test

  • Switching Systems

    Switching Systems

    System engineers rely on the performance and quality of Pickering’s signal Switching modules to deploy a range of automated tests. This includes applications such as Satellite monitoring, Functional Test, Automation of Calibration processes, Fault Insertion testing, Simulation, Semiconductor Wafer Acceptance test and a multitude of other applications. Pickerings deep portfolio of 1000+ PXI, PCI, LXI & USB products provides assurance that you can optimize your system switching to fit your exact needs.
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  • Signatone


    Signatone have been providing solutions for a broad range of applications including DC-RF-mmW, High Power, Low Power, On Wafer Single Device Probe Stations as well as Resistivity 4-Point Resistivity Systems
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  • Battery Test

    Battery Test

    Battery Test have become one of the forefront technologies in the world today addressing environmental issues as well as advancing capacity and miniaturizing the power capacity and developing new chemistries for todays applications.
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  • Data Acquisition Digitisers/DSP/FPGA

    Data Acquisition Digitisers/DSP/FPGA

    High Speed, High Resolution Digitisers, Data Acquisition, Signal Conditioning and Data Communication products for applications including Mass Spectrometry, LiDAR,  Quantum Technology, Thomson Scattering, RADAR, Satellite Communications, Wireless Telecommunications as well as Industrial applications providing rugged signal and data integrity and wide spectrum accuracy, isolation and protection in hostile environments. Data Acquisition Systems are often used to acquire parameters such as Temperature, Voltage, Strain or Vibration to monitor and analyse the status of Bridges, Machinery and Batteries or Research and Development applications.
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  • Pickering


    We are a leading manufacturer of PXI, PCI, LXI and Optical Switch and Simulation Modules—with our deep portfolio of 1,000's of modules, we provide the assurance that you can optimize your test system switching and simulation to exactly fit your needs. Our Switch Modules range from the highest density switching matrices (BRIC), RF/Microwave and Optical Switching to Fault/Signal Insertion and Programmable Resistor Modules. Enhance your engineering team's effectiveness by working with our collaborative, creative and agile culture. Our over 50 years of experience in switching for automated test, along with a continually expanding range of PXI, PCI, LXI and USB switching and simulation products, software and services—can help to streamline the development and deployment of your high-performance electronic test and verification systems
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  • AE Techron

    AE Techron

    AE Techron, was founded as Audio Electronics Inc., in August of 1992, by former employees of the Techron division of Crown. Its purpose has been to create high-quality, durable electronic products for research, the military and industry—including EMC testing, MRI/NMR and the power relay test industries, offering lines of reliable Power Amplifiers, EMC Test Systems and Test and Measurement products, and an inventory of electronic building blocks that helps us to provide quick-to-market custom electronic solutions for our customers.
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  • Active Technologies

    Active Technologies

    Active Technologies was founded in 2003 as a start-up of the University of Ferrara, in Italy, and immediately became involved in large EU research experiments, mostly in semiconductor test and innovative instrumentation design. Active Technologies' mission is to deliver the industry’s best signal stimulus solution including fast Pulse Generators, Arbitrary Waveform Generators and Digital Pattern Generators.
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  • Teledyne LeCroy

    Teledyne LeCroy

    Teledyne LeCroy have recently released the NEW Model 3000z Digital Oscilloscope designed to meet General Purpose Laboratory applications with strong features such as MAUI User Interface and a large Analysis Toolbox at an economical price bracket
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