NTP/PTP Network TimeServers

  • Microchip - Tekron

    Microchip - Tekron

    Microchip's acquisition of Tekron International brings a knowledgeable team and widely adopted products to the Microchip's Synchronization and Timing offering that has become indispensable in today’s increasingly digital, networked world. Tekron products enables us to expand our offering across a broad customer base in the rapidly expanding Smart Energy and industrial markets. Tekron products are a global leader in providing High-Precision GPS and Atomic Clock Time-Keeping Technologies and solutions for the Smart Grid and other industrial applications, supporting NTP, PTP, (61850), IRIG-B, 1pps, PRP and many other standards. Tekron Time equipment can be found in 90 different counties including Antartica.
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  • Microchip


    Microchip, the world leader in precise time solutions, sets the world's standard for time. Microchip's timing and synchronization solutions to generate, distribute and apply precise time are used worldwide in multiple industries, including communications, aerospace/defense, IT infrastructure and metrology. Our customers are able to build more reliable networks and systems based on Microchip's advanced timing technologies, atomic clocks, services and solutions. Microchip's Synchronization Systems support today's precise timing standards, including GPS-based timing, IEEE 1588 (PTP), Network Time Protocol (NTP), Synchronous Ethernet and DOCSIS® timing.
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  • Microwave Photonics

    Microwave Photonics

    Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc. is a high-tech full service design and integration engineering firm that specializes in the design, development and manufacture of Radio Frequency / Microwave and Fiber Optic components and systems to a wide array of military and industrial customers including Broadband, Telecommunications, SATCOM, Public Safety, and Wireless markets.
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