Data Acquisition Digitisers/DSP/FPGA

  • Teledyne SP Devices

    Teledyne SP Devices

    Teledyne SP Devices offer High-Performance Digitizers using an open FPGA architecture, capable of enabling new applications. Our extensive product portfolio enables cost-optimized system-level solutions that meet the highest quality standards. Platforms include Bench, PCIe, USB, cPCIe, cPXI and MTCA.4uTCA. Built-in digital signal processing (DSP) technology achieves a world-leading combination of high sampling rate and high resolution. Hardware modules offer flexible operation by supporting AC- or DC-coupling, adjustable DC-offset, programmable input voltage range, advanced triggering, multi-channel synchronization, and more. All products support custom real-time DSP through an open FPGA architecture – a crucial requirement for many of today’s systems. Additional stand-alone firmware packages simplify operation by providing rich sets of application specific functions without any need for firmware development.
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  • Dataforth


    Dataforth is the world leader in Data Acquisition, Signal Conditioning and Data Communication products for industrial applications providing rugged signal and data integrity and wide spectrum accuracy as well as isolation and protection in hostile environments. Dataforth are well known for their 5B, 7B and 8B Modules as well as the MAQ20 Data Acquisition System. ReDAQ Out-of-the-box software is available enabling users to easily create, save, and open graphical user interface projects for test, process, data collection, and data analysis applications. Signal Conditioner parameters include Temperature, Voltage, Current, Frequency, Strain, and Accelleration.
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  • Elsys


    Elsys is a young Swiss company that produce High Precision, Multi Channel, Long Acquisition Memory, Data Acquisition offering stand alone autonomous systems in a robust enclosure or PCIe card that can be easily integrated in many high performance applications. The TransAS Application Software completes the system with easy GUI to configure, control and analyze. Gb Ethernet interface allows fast transmission of data and control and acquisition via the internet. Systems offer 240 MS/s Sample Rate, 16-bit Resolution, 128MS Acquisition Memory per channel with incredibly High-Precision of 0.03% of FSR.

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