Digital Oscilloscopes & Digitisers

  • Teledyne-SP Devices

    Teledyne-SP Devices

    Teledyne SP Devices offer High-Performance Digitizers using an open FPGA architecture, capable of enabling new applications. Our extensive product portfolio enables cost-optimized system-level solutions that meet the highest quality standards. Platforms include Bench, PCIe, USB, cPCIe, cPXI and MTCA.4uTCA. Built-in digital signal processing (DSP) technology achieves a world-leading combination of high sampling rate and high resolution. Hardware modules offer flexible operation by supporting AC- or DC-coupling, adjustable DC-offset, programmable input voltage range, advanced triggering, multi-channel synchronization, and more. All products support custom real-time DSP through an open FPGA architecture – a crucial requirement for many of today’s systems. Additional stand-alone firmware packages simplify operation by providing rich sets of application specific functions without any need for firmware development.
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  • Teledyne Lecroy

    Teledyne Lecroy

    Teledyne Lecroy have released the LabMaster 10-100Zi real-time oscilloscope which boasts the world’s highest bandwidth and fastest sampling rate. This world-leading performance is key to analyzing and understanding the fastest phenomena found in R&D labs where engineers and scientists are working on next-generation communication systems, high-bandwidth electrical components, and fundamental scientific research. Teledyne Lecroy have a reputation of designing Digital Oscilloscopes which incorporate long acquisition memory to Capture, Measure, Zoom and Analyse without missing phenomena on waveforms that are acquired. Teledyne Lecroy offer a broad range of premium High Performance Digital Oscilloscopes providing features such as 8 or 12 Bit Resolution, Spectrum Analysis, Mixed Signal Analysis, Serial Data Analysis with the Broadest Bandwidth, Fastest Sampling Rate and Largest Acquisition Memory in the industry. Teledyne Lecroy offer Digital Oscilloscopes with Bandwidths from 200MHz to 100GHz with Sampling Rates to 240GS/s and channel counts to 80 Channels
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