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  • Microrad Model NHT3DL Electromagnetic Field Meter

    The MicroRad Model NHT 3DL is a brand-new Electromagnetic Field Analyzer equipped with the most advanced technology. Powerful, light, compact, fully non-magnetic with over 24 hours of operating autonomy. It incorporates an operator interface based on a high resolution Color Touch Screen display. The user interface can be remotely controlled via Wi-Fi and displayed on Windows operating systems (PC, tablet) as well as on Android devices (smartphone). It is equipped with a section for complex signal analysis composed of an FFT Analyzer and a complete Oscilloscope equipped with triggers and markers. While in broadband mode, the Model NHT 3DL can demodulate and rebuild pulse radar signals with a Tau up to 500 ns.


    Key Features:

    • Interchangeable Isotropic Probes from 100KHz to 40GHz
    • Colour Touch Display & Battery operation (24HRs)
    • Fibre Optic and Wireless (WiFi) Remote connection
    • Android Smartphone/device compatible
    • Temperature and Humidity Sensors
    • Demodulates the pulse signle base band up to 500nS
    • Automatic Measurement of Tau, PRF and Duty Cycle Values
    • Ready for the 5G Challenge
    • Intuitive and Powerful Software
    • Test Compliance with National & International Regulatory Standards
  • Microrad Model NHT3D Electromagnetic Field Meter

    The MicroRad NHT 3D is a high performance handheld analyzer designed for measurement of electric and magnetic fields which are characterised by complex form factors in the frequency range DC to 400kHz in selective mode, and DC to 40GHz in wide band mode.
    Thanks to the interchangeability of the probes it is possible to configure the instrument for measurements in different environments and in full compliance with industry standards. The Waves software provides a quick view of the main indexes and the trend of the field in the time and frequency domains through repeated acquisitions generating up to 65.536 samples. These acquisitions may be triggered manually or automatically. The “Monitoring” operating mode function allows for the signals to be recorded to the non-volatile internal memory of the instrument from the probe. Thanks to this feature it is possible to download the data to a PC and extract the relevant information such as signal amplitude / frequency and indexes acquired during the monitoring. This feature together with the instrument’s battery autonomy allows the user to perform monitoring tasks for over 24hours.


    Key Features:

    • Time/Frequency domain measurements:
      Selective Mode: 0Hz – 400 kHz, Broadband mode: 100kHz -40GHz
    • Interchangeable Isotropic Probes from 100KHz to 40GHz
    • Battery operation (24HRs)
    • Selective measurements for magnetic induction (H)
      and electric fields with any form factor
    • Dynamic Range >100 dB without range changing
    • Selectable indexes:
      WP10 – Weighted Peak (Icnirp 2010 Health Physics (99:818-836-2010)
      II98 (Icnirp 1998 Health Physics 74:494-522-1998)
      IB50 (Time domain Analysis CEI EN 62233)
      IRSS (Frequency domain Analysis CEI EN 62233)
    • Calculation and display of RMS, IRMS, Max, Min, Instant, Fmax
    • GPS receiver and temperature sensor available on board
    • Fiber optic communication (up to 40Mt)
    • Firmware upgradeable
    • Waves Software
  • Microrad Model NHT310 Electromagnetic Field Meter

    The MicroRad NHT 3D The NHT 310 meter is capable of measuring a wide frequency of electric, magnetic and
    electromagnetic fields. By selecting and inserting the appropriate probe the instrument covers all
    frequencies from DC to millimeter waves.

    Key Features:

    • Broadband measurement capability from DC up to 40 GHz
    • Interchangeable Probes
    • Measuring Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic fields
    • Battery operation (70HRs)
    • Multiple monitoring capability
    • Over 24 hours of recording time (step 5s)
    • MicroLink software for displaying measurements and data
    • GPS receiver and temperature sensor available on board
    • Fiber optic communication (up to 40Mt)
    • Firmware upgradeable