• ThalesNano


    ThalesNano Inc. is an innovation-driven company focusing on the development of bench-top Flow Chemistry instruments and solutions for synthetic chemical challenges. The company was founded in 2002 in Budapest, Hungary. Our mission is to make flow chemistry the part of the daily laboratory routine and to make chemical processes safer, easier and more effective. We put a great emphasis to support research and development by aiding scientific collaborations and education. ThalesNano has the widest portfolio of laboratory-scale instruments for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Fine Chemical, Flavor and Fragrance, Agrochemical and Petrochemical markets, as well as for academic research groups and education.  
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  • Stanford Research

    Stanford Research

    Stanford Research offer a wide of test equipment including Universal Gas Analysers, Residual Gas Analysers and Mass Spectrometers with Windows Software for ease of setup and a functional, easy user interface.
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  • HEL Group

    HEL Group

    The HEL Group develops and manufactures innovative scientific instruments and software designed to optimize the efficiency, safety, and productivity of key processes in chemistry and biology applications. The HEL team of highly skilled process and software engineers, based at their extensive research and manufacturing facilities in the UK, as well as sales and support offices around the world. HEL Group has a long history of solving complex challenges for customers. Since 1987, the Company has worked with businesses and laboratories globally, providing proprietary automated solutions for the Pharma, Biotechnology, Chemical, Battery, and Petrochemical sectors. HEL Group is accredited with ISO 9001 : 2015
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