Noise & Vibration

  • Vibration Controllers and Shakers

    Vibration Controllers and Shakers

    If your application is determining the Reliability or Fatigue of a product is certain environments where the product will be exposed to shock or vibration then a Shaker system with an Amplifier and a Controller with 26000 lines of Resolution, 100dB Dynamic Range and Control Sine, Random or Shock to 50,000 Hz output would be the solution. Vibration Test Systems are available from 5N to 300kN Force.
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  • Noise and Vibration Analysers

    Noise and Vibration Analysers

    If your application is to monitor or balance the Vibration of rotary machinery bearings or measure and acquire the Sound Level of a certain environment then a 4 Channel, 40KHz, Portable Noise and Vibration Analyser that features FFT Analysis, Rotor Dynamic Balancing, Vibration Meter, Octave Analysis, Order Tracking, Data Recording, Bearing Analysis would be the solution.
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