Scientific Devices Australia P/L Privacy Policy

This statement outlines our policy regarding how Scientific Devices Australia manages personal information. We are bound by the National Privacy Principles and our procedures regarding personal information are designed to ensure that your rights under the National Privacy Principles are protected. We will be open about how we handle personal information by informing you what our intentions are when asking for detailed personal information, to whom it may be disclosed and the reason for disclosure. If further explanation is required regarding your personal details, it can be clarified by requesting it.
Personal information is collected in the course of business to provide distribution of relative technical information and for the purpose of tracking business activity for a specific person, company or organisation that frequently undertakes business activities with Scientific Devices Australia. The reasons for the collection of personal information include, but are not limited to: Accounts (in the form of Debtors’ and Creditors’ information), the Australian Taxation Office’s requirements, Notification of product upgrades and Distribution of Marketing material.

Scientific Devices Australia takes active steps to ensure and protect the security of personal information. Our Management and Staff are expected to comply with certain standards of behaviour when dealing with personal information and treat the contents with a certain high level of respect. Training and knowledge of our procedures to ensure implementation of this company Policy is enforced to protect our customer’s privacy and prevent the misuse of information.

All personal information is stored in a database management software system and or in some case’s paper format. In all cases, every effort is made to comply with the National Privacy Principle to protect the personal information that is in our possession. We make every effort to keep the personal information accurate and complete. Personal information is not shared or disclosed whatsoever, unless it is required to process a purchase order placed by the customer and is requested by the supplier of such equipment to complete documentation pertinent for entry of equipment into Australia.

The company will take all reasonable steps to protect the security of the personal information that it holds. This includes appropriate measures to protect electronic materials and materials stored and generated in hard copy. Where information held by the company is no longer required to be held or a customer notifies us that they wish to be deleted from our database, and the retention is not required by law, then the company will destroy such personal information by secure means.

Any further clarification of our procedures or access to personal information that we may hold can be requested by contacting:

Mr Mark Lotter
Sales & Mktg Director
Ph: 03 95691366