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  • Emzer


    The Emzer EMSCOPE is a polyvalent, powerful and fast tool that performs full-band real-time EMI and Modal measurements simultaneously using Peak, Quasi-Peak, and Average detectors from 9 kHz to 110 MHz. Obtaining instantaneous measurements of common and differential mode emissions allows R&D engineers to find the dominant mode at each frequency band and to design and implement the optimal power line filter (PLF) for a given device under test (DUT). EMSCOPE includes innovative solutions and features, speeds up your time-to-market at a reduced cost, and offers added value to its users when compared to any other commercial EMI receiver.
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  • Pacific Power

    Pacific Power

    The Pacific Power Source EMC Compliance Test Systems use a sophisticated Harmonics and Flicker measurement system and newly designed flicker impedance options to support single and three phase IEC 61000-3-XX AC – Power Line Harmonics and Flicker as well as IEC 61000-4-XX AC – Power Line and DC immunity compliance testing of EUTs up to the maximum required current of 75A per phase.
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  • Amplifier Research

    Amplifier Research

    Amplifier Research RF/Microwave Instrumentation is the World-Class Source for Broadband High Power, Solid State, RF Amplifiers and Microwave Amplifiers, TWT Amplifiers, Log Periodic Antennas and High-Gain Horn Antennas , EMC Test Equipment, Hybrid RF Power Amplifier Modules, Software, Field Probes and Monitors, and Electromagnetic Safety Products. AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation as part of the AR family is recognised around the globe for products that deliver both outstanding quality and exceptional value.
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  • AE Techron

    AE Techron

    AE Techron, was founded as Audio Electronics Inc., in August of 1992, by former employees of the Techron division of Crown. Its purpose has been to create high-quality, durable electronic products for research, the military and industry—including EMC testing, MRI/NMR and the power relay test industries, offering lines of reliable Power Amplifiers, EMC Test Systems and Test and Measurement products, and an inventory of electronic building blocks that helps us to provide quick-to-market custom electronic solutions for our customers.
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  • Microrad


    Microrad designs and manufactures meters and analyzers for the isotropic measurement of electromagnetic fields. The range of safety products includes broadband measuring meters with demodulation of the band base and frequency selective. Our mission is to design isotropic measuring systems for electromagnetic safety. Our know-how is aimed at the sensors of electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields and ranges from static fields to millimeter waves. We have vanguard solutions in each and every sector both for broadband and selective measures. Our products have been developed in order to operate in agreement with all principal international regulations.
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