Battery Test

  • NI/NHR


    NH Research has been acquired by NI (NASDAQ: NATI), a well-recognized industry leader. The acquisition will expand NI’s portfolio of electrification (EV), battery, and sustainable energy capabilities to provide customers with critical power level signal sensing, capture and analysis. The battery has the largest impact on electric vehicle performance features like Acceleration, Range, Charge Time, and vehicle life—so getting it right is critical to EV program success for automakers. Batteries are used in applications such as Renewable Energy, Submarines, Transportation, Utility, Mobile phones and accessories and many appliances in the modern world. Battery test teams must minimize cost while maximizing performance on aggressive timelines, while ensuring the pack operates and fails safely every time, all the time, over the life of the vehicle and beyond. NI/NHR have developed leading edge Battery Test Solutions to meet the most demanding applications with a broad range of user friendly products.
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  • Arbin


    Arbin manufactures a range of instruments for testing Energy Storage Devices such as Batteries, Super Caps and Flow Batteries as well as Material Test and Environmental Chambers. They have a reputation of high reliability when demand is at its highest and are a leader in energy storage device technology.
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  • Pickering


    Targeting EV, automotive, aerospace, energy storage and electric aircraft applications, the new battery simulator modules occupy a single PXI slot. These 6-channel battery simulators are capable of supplying up to 7 V and 300 mA per channel. The channels are fully isolated from ground and from each other, allowing series connection to simulate batteries in a stacked architecture. The 750 V isolation barrier allows the module to be used as a lower power version of a battery stack, representative of those used for vehicle propulsion.
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  • NanoBase


    NanoBase has responded to researchers in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering as well as commercial testing companies who have demanded a more cost-effective Battery Cycler. It is supplied with a comprehensive software solution that has an easy User Interface which includes Channel Control and Monitoring, Sequence Editing, Channel Summarisation and Plotting, making it a Simple, Compact and Expandable  Battery Testing solution.
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  • HEL Group

    HEL Group

    The HEL Group Battery Testing Calorimeters are bench-scale Adiabatic Calorimeter designed to enable the testing of Thermal, Electrical, and Mechanical stress tests on batteries and battery packs. Evaluation of these tests facilitates the assessment of the safety performance of battery cells, the battery’s safe operating limits, and research and development into the mechanisms of thermal runaway.
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