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  • Pickering 41-752A Battery Simulator

    The Pickering Model 41-752  new Battery Simulator modules occupy a single PXI slot. These 6-channel Battery Simulators are capable of supplying up to 7 V and 300 mA per channel. The channels are fully isolated from ground and from each other, allowing series connection to simulate batteries in a stacked architecture. The 750 V isolation barrier allows the module to be used as a lower power version of a battery stack, representative of those used for vehicle propulsion.

    • Available as PXI or PXIe Modules
    • 6, 4 or 2 Battery Cell Simulators In A Single Slot
    • Voltage & Current Readback Option
    • Independent Sense Connections
    • Up To 300 mA Output Per Simulator
    • 750 V Independent Isolation Barriers
  • Pickering 41-753 Battery Simulator

    The Pickering 41-753 is a Battery Simulator module that can be used to simulate the power supplies of cellular phones and other portable battery devices. It features fully floating output terminals that can deliver voltages up to 6 Volts. The fast responding remote sense connections allow the module to regulate the supply voltage at the device under test. The output terminals can float ±50V relative to the front panel ground to ensure the accurate simulation of battery operation.

    • Single Slot Battery Simulator Module
    • Output Voltage up to 6V
    • Output Current: 2.8A
    • Independent Sense Connections
    • Programmable Output Resistance
    • Programmable Current Sink Capability to 0.5A For Charger Load Simulation