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  • NI/NHR Model 4800 Battery Cycler

    The NI/NHR 4800 is a highly versatile and compact battery cycler capable of delivering high-power performance in a 4U chassis. The multi-functional battery cycler can also serve as a DC source, DC load, battery emulator, and amplifier for power-level hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) testing. The NHR 4800 delivers up to 80VDC and 400A in a single unit while delivering scalable power ranging from 16.5kW up to 165kW. The fully integrated battery cycler includes isolation contactor relays, pre-charge circuitry, and a reverse polarity checker. In addition to battery cycling (sourcing and loading), the 4800 includes a wide range of additional operating modes including a built-in battery cycling profile controller, Arbitrary Profiles (XY and Macros), Sinusoidal on DC, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and more.

    The battery emulation mode allows for accurate emulation of batteries or other bi-directional DC busses for test applications that use batteries such as powertrain and propulsion, EV fast charging, and more. The PHIL feature provides additional testing capability that is especially required in research applications. The versatile system with integrated safety features can replace multiple instruments in research, validation, and production environments. The NI/NHR 4800 can be operated from an integrated touch panel or automated through Enerchron Test Executive Software or using SCPI commands in LabVIEW and Python.


    • Built-in isolation contactor relays, pre-charge circuit, reverse polarity checker
    • Voltage models from 80VDC
    • Modular and scalable power
    • High power density in 4U chassis
    • High Performance Source and Regenerative Load
    • Regenerative power > 90% (Typical)
    • 100% SiC-based technology
    • Fast transient speeds: Slew Rate < 1.5mS
    • Modes: Charge/Discharge, Load, and Battery Emulation
    • Optimize Battery connections to minimize hazards
    • Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) Capability
    • Air-cooled (no liquid cooling) provides simplified maintenance
    • Advanced digital measurements with charting
    • Control options: touch panel and SCPI
    • Battery Test Software: Enerchron® Software
  • NI/NHR Model 9200 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

    NI/NHR’s Regenerative Battery Pack Test System Model 9200 is ideal for industrial lab and production testing of modules and packs. The 9200 includes expandable power ranges from 12kW modules up to 252 kW with 40 or 120V bi-directional DC loads. This battery cycler provides optimal configuration that enables companies the flexibility to expand power levels as needed. It addresses the evolving battery test requirements for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage and critical power applications. NI/NHR’s battery test systems are used as battery cyclers, regenerative, bidirectional DC sources, regenerative DC loads, high power DC sources, or Battery / DC emulators.


    • Modular & Scalable Power – 12 to 252kW at 40 or 120V
    • Bi-directional DC source and load
    • High configuration flexibility
    • Regenerative Power > 90% energy efficiency
    • Current, Voltage & Mode Transitions <1 mSec
    • Built-in Digital Measurements with Charting & Scope displays
    • Battery Emulation Mode
    • Touch Panel, LabVIEW® & IVI Drivers
    • Enerchron® Test Executive
  • NI/NHR Model 9300 High Voltage Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

    NI/NHR’s High Voltage Battery Test System (9300) includes power ranges from 100kW up to 2.4MW. It provides dual voltage ranges of 600V and 1,200V to cover both lower and higher power applications within a single product. The 9300 is ideal for R&D lab and high volume production line testing. This innovative battery cycler addresses the higher voltage and higher power battery test requirements for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, solar PV inverters, aerospace and other critical power industries. NI/NHR’s battery test systems are used as battery cyclers, regenerative, bi-directional DC sources, regenerative DC loads, high power DC sources, or Battery / DC emulators.


    • 100kW modules scalable to 2.4MW/8000A
    • Bi-directional DC source and load
    • Wide operating envelope, Dual Range 600V, 1200V
    • Regenerative Power > 90% energy efficiency
    • Current, Voltage & Mode Transitions <2 mSec
    • Built-in Digital Measurements with Charting & Scope displays
    • Battery Emulation Mode
    • Touch Panel, LabVIEW® & IVI Drivers
    • Enerchron® Test Executive
  • NI/NHR Model 9410 Regenerative Grid Simulator

    NI/NHR’s Regenerative Grid Simulator (9410) is a unique Four-Quadrant Bi-Directional AC/DC source that simulates the utility voltage and regenerates power sourced by grid-tied inverters. Greater than 90% of power is returned to the facility thereby providing significant energy savings. The 9410 is used as a grid simulator, or emulator for testing PV inverters and other grid-tied products for compliance to IEEE 1547, UL 1741, and global industry standards. A wide-range of AC conditions can be emulated including phase imbalance (in voltage and/or phase angle relationship), voltage sag, frequency changes and harmonic injection.


    • 8 models – Power from 4kW/101/2 kVA to 96kW/252kVA
    • Reactive Power capability 2.6 x True Power
    • Output Frequency – DC, 30 to 100Hz (option up to 880Hz)
    • Output DC Voltage Ranges – 200, 400VDC
    • Four-Quadrant, Bi Directional
    • Programmable 1, 2 or 3-Phase modes
    • Powerful line disturbance creation tools
    • High-resolution waveform digitizer with scope display & charting
    • Sink power returned back to facility mains
    • 9” Touch-Panel user interface
  • NI/NHR Model 9420 AC Power Source with HiVAR Technology

    NI/NHR’s Model 9420  AC Power Source redefines selection of an AC Source by addressing how to compensate for reactive power from capacitive or inductive elements in the load. Often overlooked when sizing an ac source, reactive power negates some portion of nominal VA power in order to arrive at true power (Watts) that does the real work. Traditional AC sources list only their VA rating leaving it up to the user to figure out how much true power remains after reactive power reductions. In many cases that reduction is substantial and then requires selecting a much larger VA-rated source than originally anticipated. The increased cost and size penalties are often considerable.


    • Voltage Range – 175/350VRMS, 200/400VDC
    • Power: 8kW/21kVA to 96kW/252kVA
    • Flexibility provides for single, split, three-phase operation plus full-power DC
    • HiVAR design eliminates derating nominal power due to reactive loads
    • Frequency – 30 to 880Hz
    • High-Resolution Waveform Digitizer & Scope display
    • Precision Ultra-Low Current Measurements
    • Seamless, constant-power operating envelope
    • Built-in 9” touch-panel user interface for manual control & measurement display
    • Graphical waveform editor for user-defined waveforms
    • High-level line disturbance programming Macros
    • External PC option to host NHR emPower® Test Sequencer
    • Alternate programming in LabVIEW, native SCPI, & other IVI-compliant languages
  • NI/NHR Model 9430 Regenerative 4 Quadrant AC Electronic Load

    NI/NHR’s Model 9430 is a 4-quadrant, Regenerative AC Load that is current-regulated with selectable phase inputs/outputs and a built-in waveform digitizing measurement system. In the sink mode, it sends power back to the facility mains rather than dissipated as heat. The 9430 can simulate almost any linear or non-linear load. Applications include testing of Vehicle to Grid (V2G), solar and grid-tied inverters, UPSs, AC sources, rectifiers, circuit breakers and fuses. The HIVAR design provides reactive loading without derating True Power. This advanced design feature allows for testing high reactive load input power without the customary reduction of true power (Watts) normally required with conventional loads.


    • Power: 4 to 96kW
    • Single, Split or Three-Phase programmable
    • Voltage Range: 10 to 350VAC
    • Output Frequency – 30 to 880Hz
    • Output DC Voltage Ranges – 10 to 400VDC
    • Four-Quadrant, Bi Directional
    • Reactive power capability 2.6 x Real Power
    • Power factor range: -1 to +1
    • Crest factor range: 1.414 to 4.000
    • High-resolution Waveform Digitizer
    • High power density/minimum rack space
    • Sink power regenerated back to facility with >90% efficiency
    • 9” Touch-Panel
  • NI/NHR Model 9500 Regenerative Grid Simulator

    The NI/NHR 9510 Regenerative Grid Simulator is the industry leading solution for testing and verification of high-power grid-tied applications in compliance with regulatory testing standards, worldwide. The 9510 has a built-in power amplifier mode for Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) applications providing further testing and simulation capability ideal for research labs. Modular and scalable power is available in 100kW modules up to 1.2MW. Programmable frequency is between 30Hz and 120Hz. The output can be AC, DC, or AC+DC and the AC can be single, split or 3-Phase. With this wide range of power, frequency, and phase configuration options, the 9510 provides the ultimate flexibility to test the broadest selection of grid-tied products.

    Applications include engineering development, compliance verification and manufacturing for all utility grid tied products. Immediate applications for: Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Storage Systems, Solar PV, & Vehicle to Grid (V2G) test, evaluation, and certification.


    • Regenerative AC/DC Grid Simulator and Power Amplifier optimized for PHIL applications
    • Modular & scalable AC power from 100kW to 1.2MW
    • AC Load option: Modules can be configured as Regenerative AC/DC Grid Simulator or 4-Q AC Load
    • Widest True-Power Operating Envelope (Voltage and Current)
    • Galvanic Isolation – output, channel to channel UUT
    • Highest Power Density with Small Footprint
    • Multiple phase and DC capability covers all utility source and load requirements
    • Programmable three-phase, split-phase, or single phase
    • Powerful waveform synthesizer combined with high-resolution digitizer covers extensive test and evaluation requirements.
    • Ideal for Regulation Testing Standards: UL 1741SA, IEEE 1547, IEC 62116, IEC 61000-4-11 (pre-compliance), 4-13, 4-14, 4-28.
  • NI/NHR Enerchron Battery Test Software

    Enerchron is a powerful but easy to use test executive created for battery testing to simplify and accelerate your test automation. It’s a comprehensive battery test environment that includes integration with H/W and S/W tools. Enerchron is your shortest path to market and it provides a unique variable-based test sequence editor and easily integrates with external software and hardware. NI/NHR’s variable-based formula accelerates the overall battery test process by drastically saving time during development, execution and post-processing. Enerchron significantly reduces development time, eliminates operator error and simplifies battery test. Customize your test environment around your business process, terminology and workflow for all users (Developer, Operator, Admin) and improve productivity. Built-in  software intelligence provides the user with safety warnings and alerts to ensure safety.


    • Dramatically reduce software development time
    • Streamline your battery test process and workflow
    • Increase productivity and eliminate errors and repeated tests
    • Save time, money and resources
    • Reduce stress and testing difficulties
    • Unique Variable Based Formulas
    • Modular and Scaleable