RF & Microwave

  • GW Instek

    GW Instek

    GW Instek offer a broad range of Test equipment which includes RF Spectrum Analysers. With a strong focus on high quality, economical measurement solutions for the educational and industrial manufacturing markets, GW Instek has developed a solid brand image and reputation for reliability, integrity and innovation.
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  • Maury Microwave

    Maury Microwave

    Maury Microwave have developed solutions that are designed around there time-tested and proven uW, RF and mmW products for the Characterisation of Semiconductors and Components including Software Suites, Impedance Tuners and accessories. Maury Microwave retain a reputation for providing High Precision VNA Calibration Kits, Adapters and Components.
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  • Narda


    Narda are an established brand when it comes to RF and Microwave Radiation and Spectrum safety analysis with a long standing reputation for quality. Narda offer their state of the art SignalShark Signal Analyser, Interference Directional Analyser and Remote Spectrum Analyser, encapsulating a reputation for leading technology and reliability in this marketplace.
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  • Stanford Research

    Stanford Research

    Stanford Research has been developing premium test equipment since 1980. Their product range includes Scientific, Test Equipment, Time & Frequency and Analytical. The Model SG380 Series RF Signal Generators which has a Frequency Range to 8GHz the Model CG635 2 GHz Synthesized Clock Generator and the Model SG390 6GHz Vector Signal Generator form part of the RF & Microwave Test Equipment at a price point that is the most economical in the industry.
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  • ThinkRF


    ThinkRF provides cost-effective, high-performance RF receiver front ends, Tuners, Spectrum Analyzers and RF Downconverters. ThinkRF’s solutions have the RF performance of high-end laboratory equipment but are designed to meet the challenges of distributed and remote wireless signals intelligence applications.
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  • Vectawave


    Vectawave Technology is a manufacturer of robust, air cooled, class A power amplifiers for use in industrial, military and medical applications. Vectawave's RF & Microwave Broadband Power Amplifiers are available with frequency ranges from 10kHz to 6GHz and power levels up to 2kW. Vectawave is accredited to ISO9001 for design and manufacture.
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