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  • EXFO FTB 5GPro RF Spectrum Analyser

    The EXFO 5GPro Spectrum Analyzer is a real-time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) that provides continuous acquisition of RF signals with
    100 MHz of analysis bandwidth. Quick characterization of wireless signals and detection of intermittent interference is now possible
    with the combination of the RTSA persistence and spectrogram view. EXFO brings innovation to RF testing with the new patent-pending Snap-to-Peak feature. By using the touch screen, field techs can identify interferers through a movable window which allows them to search for the highest amplitude interferer and attach a marker. A 5GNR Signal Analyzer supports the demodulation of 5GNR signals validating over-the-air (OTA) performance of cell sites and ensures smooth communication with user equipment. This application provides beamforming metrics and will analyze up to 64 beams and display the 12 strongest beams with the corresponding power measurements.


    • Frequency Ranges: FR1 (450 MHz – 6 GHz) or FR2 (24.25 GHz – 40 GHz)
    • Physical Cell ID (PCI), Beam ID and SSB periodicity.
    • Auto-detection of subcarrier spacing (SCS)
    • Secondary synchronization – reference signal received power
    • (SS-RSRP): linear average received power of each secondary synchronization signal  (SSS) resource elements
    • Secondary synchronization – reference signal received quality
    • (SS-RSRQ): ratio of SSS power over the total power of a given number of resource blocks
    • Secondary synchronization – signal to interference and noise ratio (SS-SINR): ratio of SSS over all noise sources, including interferers.