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  • Maury Microwave Coaxial VNA Calibration Kits

    When properly calibrated against known standards, Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs), provide the most accurate means of determining the one- and two-port network characteristics of RF and microwave devices. Calibration effectiveness (a VNA’s ability to reduce error terms to negligible values) critically and ultimately depends on the quality and integrity of the calibration standards used.

    To help maximize calibration effectiveness, Maury produces a comprehensive line of coaxial and waveguide VNA calibration kits which consist of accurate, stable, and precise calibration standards for a broad range of VNA models. When properly used, these kits ensure a true evaluation of VNA performance.

    Maury kits offer a range of performance and cost options which provide users with choices that are both technically and economically suitable for a variety of intended application.

    • Convenience of the traditional SOLT calibration
    • No movable parts
    • Calibration is inherently broadband and the need for connecting airlines of different length is eliminated
    • Flexibility with One port or Multiport calibration
    • Characterized SOLT Calibration Kit are individually characterized
    • The behavior of each standard is fully known and there are no approximations involved
  • Maury Microwave Insight VNA Calibration & Measurement Software

    The Maury Microwave  Insight VNA Calibration and Measurement Software is the industry’s first commercial software suite designed to empower VNA users and help them make better decisions. Insight represents a paradigm shift in the way users approach VNA calibration, validation, measurement, visualization and analysis. From their introduction in the 1980s, Vector Network Analyzers, VNAs, have been used to measure network scattering parameters, S-parameters, of linear electrical networks. Since that time, S-parameters have become so common that they are used in nearly all aspects of an RF device’s life cycle including research and development, design validation test and production test. Insight Calibration and Measurement software module includes everything needed to calibrate a VNA, validate VNA calibration, measure an RF device’s S-parameters, and visualize and analyze the measurement results.

    • Use a single software platform with most commercial VNAs
    • Define mechanical calibration standards from any vendor
    • Intuitive GUI and Wizard
    • Validate VNA calibration using airlines and individually characterized verification kits
    • Measure S-parameters and save S2P files for easy sharing
    • Identify and quantify the individual contributions of Uncertainty
    • Display uncertainty boundaries alongside measurement results
    • System library
    • Calibration &  Validation  Wizard
    • Real-Time Measurement interface
    • Visualization and Data Analysis tool
    • Real Time Uncertainty Add-On
  • Maury Microwave Mixed-Signal Active Load Pull System

    The Maury Microwave Model MT1000 and MT2000 Mixed-Signal Active Load Pull Systems are the only commercially-proven solutions capable of performing load pull at high speeds of up to 1000 impedance/power states per minute with no limitation on Smith Chart coverage, under the following conditions:

    • Frequencies between 1 MHz and 40 GHz
    • Single-tone CW and pulsed-CW RF signal
    • DC and pulsed-DC bias
    • Time-domain NVNA voltage and current waveforms and load lines
    • Fundamental and harmonic impedance control on the source and/or load
  • Maury Microwave Instrumentation Amplifiers

    Maury Microwave are uniquely positioned to combine our measurement and load pull expertise with modern solid-state power amplifier design practices to deliver best-in-class Instrument Amplifiers. Our amplifiers satisfy a wide range of application-specific requirements including simultaneous high-power, wide bandwidth, low harmonic power and high linearity.

    We make use of our extensive test facilities to ensure our amplifiers meet your reliability expectations, testing each shipped unit according to our high standards. Burn-in and ageing tests include prolonged storage under extreme temperature conditions, extended amplifier operation over the entire rated temperature range, and elongated usage at maximum power under CW and pulsed-CW conditions. After burn-in and ageing, each amplifier is tested for electrical performance and is shipped with a test report.

    • Frequency Ranges: 0.7GHz to 26.5GHz
    • Power Outputs to 50W
    • State-of-the-art GaN Technology
    • High Linearity
    • Integrated Protection
    • Variable Gain
    • Burn-in and ageing tested for long-term reliability
    • High-Resolution display shows amplifier status
  • Maury Microwave RF & Microwave Characterisation Solutions

    Maury Microwave have developed solutions that are designed around our time-tested and proven uW, RF and mmW products for the Characterisation of semiconductors and components including software suites, Impedance Tuners and accessories.

    • High Speed Tuning
    • Active Load Pull Measurement
    • Noise Figure Measurements
    • Noise Parameter Measurement
    • Pulsed IV Systems
    • Transistor Test Fixtures
  • Maury Microwave Precision Calibration Solutions

    Measurement results can be questionable if the instruments used are improperly calibrated. Maury Microwave offers a large selection of calibration-grade metrology solutions for network analysis and instrumentation calibration.

    • VNA Calibration Kits
    • Coaxial Calibration Standards
    • Waveguide Calibration Standards
    • Calibration-Grade (Metrology) Adapters
    • VNA Test Port Cable Assemblies
    • Metrology Torque Wrenches
    • Connector Gage Kits
    • Stub Tuners