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  • Stanford Research Model CS635 Synthesized Clock Generator

    The CG635 generates extremely stable square wave clocks between 1 µHz and 2.05 GHz. The instrument’s high frequency resolution, low jitter, fast transition times, and flexible output levels make it ideal for use in the development and testing of virtually any digital component, system or network. Clean clocks are critical in systems that use high-speed ADCs or DACs. Spurious clock modulation and jitter create artifacts and noise in acquired signals and in reconstructed waveforms.

    • Clocks from 1 µHz to 2.05 GHz
    • Random Jitter <1 ps rms
    • 16 Digits of Frequency Resolution
    • 80 ps Rise and Fall Times
    • CMOS, PECL, ECL, LVDS & RS-485
    • Phase Control and Time Modulation
    • EPRBS for Eye-Pattern Testing
    • OCXO and Rubidium Timebase
  • Stanford Research Model SG390 Series Vector Signal Generators

    Introducing the new SG390 Series Vector Signal Generators — high performance, affordable RF sources. Three new RF Signal Generators, with carrier frequencies from DC to 2.025 GHz, 4.050 GHz and 6.075 GHz, support both analog and vector modulation. The instruments utilize a new RF synthesis technique which provides spur free outputs with low phase noise (–116 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz) and extraordinary frequency resolution (1 ?Hz at any frequency). Both analog modulation and vector baseband generators are included as standard features.

    • Frequency Range: 2GHz, 4GHz & 6GHz
    • Dual Baseband Arb Generators
    • Analog and Vector Modulation
    • I/Q Modulation Inputs(300 MHz RF BW)
    • ASK, FSK, MSK, PSK, QAM, VSB & Custom I/Qs
    • Ethernet, GPIB and RS-232
  • Stanford Research Model SG380 Series RF Signal Generators

    The SG380 Series RF Signal Generators use a unique, innovative architecture (Rational Approximation Frequency Synthesis) to deliver ultra-high frequency resolution (1 µHz), excellent phase noise, and versatile modulation capabilities (AM, FM, ØM, pulse modulation and sweeps) at a fraction of the cost of competing designs.

    • Frequency Range: 2GHz, 4GHz, 6GHz & 8GHz
    • Resolution: 1uHz
    • Rubidium Timebase
    • Square Wave Clock Outputs
    • Analogue I/Q Inputs
    • Ethernet, GPIB and RS-232