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  • Pacific Power Model ECTS2 Series IEC Harmonics & Flicker Test Systems

    The Pacific Power Source EMC Compliance Test Systems use a sophisticated Harmonics and Flicker measurement system and newly designed flicker impedance options to support single and three phase IEC 61000-3-XX AC – Power Line Harmonics and Flicker as well as IEC 61000-4-XX AC – Power Line and DC immunity compliance testing of EUTs up to the maximum required current of 75A per phase.

    This series consists of several system configurations to accommodate both single and three phase compliance testing at a wide range of power levels from 750VA to 100kVA.  for EUT’s than can put power back on the AC utility grid, the AZX Series based ECTS2-Z models are recommended.

    All ECTS2 system use the same IEC 61000-3-XX Power Line Harmonics and Flicker Emissions and IEC 61000-4-XX Power Line Immunity test software.


    • Up to 0-600 VAC L-N / 1000V L-L Output Voltage available
    • Up to ±425Vdc output on AFX and ±650Vdc output on AZX systems
    • 15-1200 Hz (AFX) or 15-1000Hz (AZX) Full Power Bandwidth
    • AC only or AC and DC Test Systems
    • Single Phase and Three Phase Output Modes
    • Regenerative Systems Available (AZX based)
    • EMC Test Software for Harmonics, Flicker and Immunity
    • Detailed test reports to documents EUT compliance
    • USB, LAN, GPIB & RS232 Interfaces