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  • Microrad Model EMF18-G Sensor for EMC Applications

    The MicroRad EMF-18G has been designed to operate in Electric Field Environments such as TEM cells, GTEMs, Anachoic Chambers as well as Electromagnetic Safety applications. It is suitable for use in TEM cells  which have a Septum of 45cm. The bandwidth and the Sampling rate of the Active Probe makes it the reference point for users in this field, providing fast, easy and precise characteristics of Electric Fields (E) in the 10KHz to 18GHz range.

    Key Features:

    • Ultra Wide Band Frequency Range: 10KHz to 18GHz
    • 20mS Sampling Rate
    • Small size
    • Operation Time > 45Hrs
    • 8 sensor connected Simultaneously
    • Indication of position and Inclination of sensor
    • EMC Viewer Software