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    Symmetricom Model S250 GPS Time & Frequency Standard

    The Symmetricom Model S250 Time and Frequency System is a Ex-Support as NEW unit but it should be noted that Time of Day capability will be impacted by GPS roll over in September 2022. Frequency capabilities will continue to operate after this date. Configuration of this unit is as follows:

    • Rubidium Atomic Clock
    • Independent Time/Frequency References: GPS, IRIG B, 1PPS, 10 MHz
    • Frequency Output:  10MHz, 1PPS
    • High-Resolution Vacuum Fluorescent Display
    • Full Numeric Keypad
    • Requires Antenna


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  • Microchip Model S650 GPS Time & Frequency Standard

    The SyncServer S650 Time and Frequency Standard provides unprecedented synchronization flexibility and performance using Microchip FlexPort™ technology. The GPS referenced S650 is designed for modern electronics systems and networks that require best-in-class synchronization performance easily adaptable to a wide range of applications.The base Timing I/O module with eight BNC connectors comes standard with the most popular timing I/O signals (IRIG B, 10 MHz, 1PPS and so on). When more flexibility is required, the unique Microchip FlexPort Technology option enables six of the BNCs to output any supported signal (time codes, sine waves, programmable rates), all configurable in real time via the secure web interface. The incredible BNC-by-BNC configurations makes very efficient and cost-effective use of the 1U space available.

    • GPS Stratum 1
    • Frequency Accuracy: <1x10E-12
    • Rubidium Atomic Clock or OCXO Options
    • FlexPort: Selectable I/O
    • IRIG B, 1MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 1PPS I/O
    • Built-in DoS Detection and Protection
    • Security-Hardened NTP Reflector™
    • Secure Web-Based Management
    • IPv6/IPv4 on all Ports
    • Dual Power Supply Option
    • PTP Option
    • Fibre Optic Isolation I/O
    • Havequick/PTTI


  • Microchip Model S600 Enterprise Network Time Server

    The Microchip SyncServer S600 Network Time Server with security-hardened NTP Reflector™ technology improves the security, accuracy and the reliability of the time services on the network for IT network administrators working to provide network time services in hardened network operations.The S600 Network Time Server is purpose built to deliver exact hardware based Network Time Protocol (NTP) timestamps. The unparalleled accuracy and security is rounded out with outstanding ease-of-use features for reliable network time services ready to meet the needs of the user network and business operations today, and in the future.

    • Ultra High-Bandwidth
    • Stratum 1 Operation Via GPS Satellites
    • Four GbE Ports Standard
    • Built-in DoS Detection and Protection
    • Security-Hardened NTP Reflector™
    • Secure Web-Based Management
    • IPv6/IPv4 on all Ports
    • Rubidium Atomic Clock or OCXO Options
    • Dual Power Supply Option
    • PTP Option
  • Microchip Bluesky GPS Firewall

    The Microchip BlueSky GPS Firewall solves the problem of protecting already deployed systems by providing a cost-effective overlay
    solution installed between existing GPS antennas and GPS systems. Similar to a network firewall, the BlueSky GPS Firewall protects systems inside the firewall from untrusted sky-based signals outside the firewall.

    • Protects GPS Systems from Spoofing and Jamming
    • Secure Firewall Overlay
    • Network Management
    • System Deployment
    • Secure Operation
    • Protects Critical Infrastructure
    • Hardened, Validated GPS Output
  • Microchip Domain Time II Network Management Software

    Domain Time II is a comprehensive software solution that simplifies time synchronization across the network. Versatile time clients keep the network hierarchy synchronized to a GPS referenced Network Time Server. Easy to use management tools simplify and automate many tasks related to keeping these clients up-to-date. Monitoring functions track time client sync across the network and notify you of any problems. Domain Time II has been designed to conform to your existing network infrastructure and to scale easily across installations of any size or complexity. In addition, Domain Time II has unmatched accuracy, manageability, security, and verifiability features that are essential in any environment with mission-critical systems.

    • Comprehensive Time Client
    • Server & Management Software
    • Install, Update, Configure, Monitor and Troubleshoot
    • Event Logging for Time Auditing
    • Monitor Network Synchronization
    • Ensure Accurate Time
    • Support for NTP and IEEE 1588 / PTP
  • Microchip Model 4036B Time and Frequency Distribution Amplifier

    One-input, fifteen-output RF distribution amplifier delivers a centralized output signal without degradation. The 4036B provides fifteen outputs from a single input for distributing RF signals in laboratory, factory, and test and measurement environments where low phase noise and high channel isolation are required.

    • Frequency Range: 1MHz to 20MHz
    • Low Phase Noise
    • High Channel Isolation
    • 15 Outputs
    • Yields 225 Outputs at 2nd Level
    • LED Status Indicators for All Inputs Outputs
    • Status Information via Ethernet
    • Settable Gain