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  • AE Techron Model 7800 High Power Precision Amplifier

    The AE Techron 7800-Series AC power amplifiers are durable, four-quadrant, DC-enabled, low-noise, wide-bandwidth amplifiers. The 7800 Series Amplifiers are a great solution if bandwidth and/or system noise is a problem. They are able to drive low-impedance loads at frequencies of up to 60kHz. Because they utilise a linear circuit topology, the AE Techron 7800 series amplifiers have no switching noise in their output and very low radiated EMI. This results in THD and noise floors that are much lower than what is possible with traditional switch mode amplifiers, making them ideal for applications that require either high precision or, because of sensitive measurements, cannot tolerate the radiated noise associated with switch mode amplifiers.

    The 7800 series amplifiers are tough, both physically and electrically. The 7800 series models have been used for conducting experiments on a Navy warship, controlling a magnetic field in a fusion experiment, and driving DUTs while absorbing back EMF when there is a failure.

    • Bandwidth: DC to 60KHz
    • Voltage Output: 500Vp
    • Current Output: 400Ap (800Ap Short Period)
    • Power: 10kVA, 15kVA or 20kVA
  • AE Techron Model 8500 Wide Bandwidth High Power Digital Amplifier

    AE Techron’s 8500 Series Amplifiers are the first Wide-Bandwidth, High-Power Digital Amplifiers available from any manufacturer. They are fast enough for DC automotive dropout testing and capable of AC voltages required for ISO 61000 and Aviation testing. Plus, they have low enough noise and distortion specifications to be the reference power source in power quality measurements.

    • Bandwidth: DC to 50KHz
    • Voltage Output: 0 to 250Vrms (350VDC)
    • Current Output: 100A to 500Arms
    • Power: 4kVA to 20kVA
    • Low Distortion: 0.1%
  • AE Techron Model 7700 Audio Bandwidth Amplifier

    AE Techron’s 7700-Series amplifiers offer great power and flexibility. The series consists of three models; each model can be used as a free-standing gain block or combined in multiples to achieve high voltage (300 V RMS at 50 A RMS) or high current (up to 340A at 13.5 VDC continuously).

    The 7794 was designed with a very low output impedance and is able to produce up to 60A continuous at 13.8 VDC, making it an excellent battery substitute for transient immunity testing. It is also capable of producing the 80V surges required for DO-160G section abnormal surge testing and is well suited for ISO 7637 pulse 2b and 4 testing.

    The 7796, when run in controlled-current mode, is a perfect choice to drive medium to large diameter Helmholtz coils and radiatiors like those specified in Ford FMC1278 (RI140, RI150).

    The 7796HC can be used to simulate ripple noise, drop outs, surges and ground shift noise as required by a variety of standards for DC powered electronics in the aviation and automotive industries. With configurations capable of up to 600A, a DC-150 kHz bandwidth, and the ability to both source and sink, the 7796HC is your best solution for high-current DC Conducted Immunity testing.

    • Up to 5000 watts RMS power output
    • Small signal response up to 250KHz
    • Up to 85A at 13.5 VDC
    • Series or Parallel system capability
    • Output voltages up to ±180 Vp
  • AE Techron Model 7220 Audio Bandwidth Amplifier

    AE Techron’s 7220-Series amplifiers, when used with a signal generator such as the AE Techron 3110, can simultaneously produce both the DC voltage needed to drive the DUT and the high-frequency (AC ripple) conducted interference waveform required in cranking tests found in Standards like FMC1278, (CI210, CI230, CI250, CI260). They can also be used to perform surge and droupout tests found in many automotive Standards, like GMW3172-07, ISO 7637-2, and SAE J1113/2.

    When used with AE Techron’s T-Series coupling transformers (T1000, T2000 and T3700), 7220-Series amplifiers are ideal for use in the low-voltage conducted or radiated immunity tests needed for Aviation industry Standards like DO 160 (Section 18 and 19), MIL STD 461/462 (CS101 and RS101), Airbus and Boeing audio bandwidth electrical and magnetic tests.

    The 7220-Series amps are a perfect choice to drive small to medium Helmholtz coils and radiators like those specified in FMC1278 (RI140, RI150).

    • Up to 1000 watts RMS power output
    • Small signal response up to 1 MHz
    • Up to 16A at 13.5 VDC
    • Series or Parallel system capability
  • AE Techron Model 7100 Audio Bandwidth Amplifier

    AE Techron’s 7100-series models are 4-quadrant, AC and DC amplifiers that provide exceptional versatility and value. Compact size, user configurability, DC-Max™ topology, and AE Techron toughness make the 7100-series amplifiers the ideal lab partners for conducted and radiated immunity testing, PSRR testing, or any application where more voltage or current is needed than is available from the signal source.

    • Up to 900 watts RMS power output
    • Small signal response up to 400 kHz
    • User-adjustable precision DC offset
    • User-adjustable current limit: 1A to 25A
    • 4-quadrant operation
    • AC/DC coupled
  • AE Techron Model 3110 Audio Bandwidth Standards Waveform Generator

    The 3110 is a simple-to-use yet powerful standards waveform generator. It can be combined with other AE Techron products to quickly create a wide range of powerful and intelligent EMC test solutions.

    The 3110 comes with an extensive library of tests for many automotive and industry Standards. Tests can be modified and saved for future use in the 3110’s library, which has the space to store more than 300,000 tests total.

    The 3110 produces standard signals and waveforms with or without a DC offset. Frequency, amplitude and DC offset can be fixed or swept, and sweeps can be linear, logarithmic or exponential.* It can create dropouts and surges with rise and fall times under 1 µs. Individual signal duration can be as short as 50 µs or as long as 49 days. It can also produce ripple waveforms of up to 300 kHz.

    The 3110 offers unique and powerful controls that make it easy to build complex tests containing repeating waveforms with up to four variables concurrently changing. Tests with non-linear or equation-driven frequency/ voltage/duration increments also can be created automatically using the csv import function. In addition, tests can be imported from the 3110 library and linked to form multi-test programs that can also be set to repeat, loop or wait for a trigger.

    • Current Ranges: 0-200A
    • Peak Current to 800A
    • Signal Range: DC – 300KHz