Switching Systems

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  • Pickering 40/42-788 Microwave Multiplexer

    The Pickering 40-788 (PXI) and 42-788 (PXIe) range of PXI Microwave Multiplexer modules are suitable for switching 50 Ohm signals from 8GHz up to 40 GHz. They are available in terminated and unterminated SP8T single and SP10T or SP12T single and dual configurations, with relays mounted on the front panel. The internal relay termination feature can improve signal integrity by routing unused signals to a 50 Ohm load. Remote versions are also available, which can support one or two multiplexers in a dual-slot PXI or PXIe module. The panel or remote mount option enables users to place switches at the most convenient location for their application.


    • Available as PXI or PXIe Modules
    • SP8T, SP10T or SP12T Panel Mounted Multiplexers
    • 1 or 2 Remote SP8T, SP10T or SP12T Multiplexers From Dual Slot Version
    • 50 Ohm Versions With 8-40 GHz Bandwidth
    • 50 Ohm Terminated and Unterminated Versions
    • Relay Cycle Counting Included
    • Drivers Supplied for Windows & Linux, Plus Support for Real-time Systems
    • PXI Version Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
  • Pickering Cables and Connectors

    Pickering’s products consist of a full range of supporting cables and connector solutions for all of our PXI, LXI & PCI Switching solutions. We offer everything from simple mating connectors to complex cables assemblies and terminal blocks. Every accessory is designed to ensure you have a trouble-free experience in connecting our products to your test system.

    Custom Cabling with the Cable Design Tool

    The first step to creating a custom cable assembly is by using Pickering’s free online Cable Design Tool—with this tool, you can graphically design your custom cable assembly by using either our built-in library of standard cable sets or create them from scratch.

    Once completed, Pickering engineers will generate a competitive quote for your cable requirements.


    • Graphical design of customized cable assemblies
    • Built-in library of standard cable sets
    • Cables can be defined from scratch
    • Store cable assemblies in the Cloud and develop over time
    • Create your own library and share with colleagues
    • Each cable design has a pdf documentation file detailing all of the specifications
    • Allows very detailed design characteristics
    • Add your own connectors and wires
    • Wide range of mating connectors and cables
  • Pickering PXI Switch Module

    Pickering offer over 1,000 PXI Switch modules available which assists in the intergration of Test systems for a multitude of applications. Our PXI Switch modules, available in PXI and PXIe formats, range from the highest Density Switching Matrices (BRIC), RF and Optical Switching to Fault/Signal Insertion modules.

     All of our modules will plug into any PXI compliant chassis or a Hybrid Slot in a PXIe chassis and may also be used in our Ethernet-controlled LXI Modular Switching chassis.  Please refer to the categories below to find the PXI switching solutions you need.


    • An extensive range of Switching: Matrix, MUX and GP
    • RF and Microwave Switching from DC to 67GHz
    • High-voltage to 1kV with h\High Current to 120Amp
    • Wide range of mating connectors and cables
    • Diagnostic test tools
    • General Purpose PXI Relay Modules
    • BRIC Large PXI Matrix Modules
    • PXI Multiplexers
    • PXI RF & Microwave Modules
    • PXI Fault Insertion
    • PXI and PXIe Formats
    • The highest density available in PXI
  • Pickering LXI Switch Module

    LXI is the power of ethernet and the web applied to test & measurement (T&M) instruments, offering you new possibilities in test systems– local, remote, distributed, and time-aware. LXI products are also certified by third party test routes to ensure they comply with the standard.


    • Extensive range of LXI Switching: Matrix, MUX and General Purpose
    • RF/Microwave Switching from DC to 110GHz
    • High Current to 40A
    • High Voltage to 1kV
    • Gigabit ethernet
    • Comprehensive range of cables and connectors
    • LXI/USB Modular Chassis
    • Low Frequency Switching
    • RF & Microwave Switching
    • Optical Switching
    • Power Management
  • Pickering PCI Switch Modules

    Pickering’s Instrumentation grade PCI Switch and Simulation cards can be cascaded to form more extensive switching networks. Our PCI Switch and Simulation cards are built using the same basic technology as our PXI range, utilizing the same software drivers, soft front panels and control electronics. These PCI cards will plug into any PCI-based computer and are supplied with software drivers for Windows and comprehensive support for NI Switch Executive and LabVIEW.


    • General Purpose Relay cards available in SPST, DPST or SPDT configurations.
    • Matrices including high-density and RF
    • Multiplexers available in high-density, 2 Amp and high voltage cards
    • Programmable and Precision Resistors with up to 18 channels in a single PCI slot.
    • Relay drivers and Digital I/O
    • Function Generators
    • Wide range of mating connectors and cables
  • Pickering Simulation Modules

    Pickering offer PXI Simulation Modules for Sensor Simulation that include simulating environmental sensors, including Temperature, Pressure, Altitude, Movement, PLC/Instrument Communications and Strain Gauges.

    As electronic devices get more intelligent, they require many sensors to provide data for decision-making and initiating the appropriate action. When it comes to New Product Introduction (NPI) and manufacturing test, it can be difficult to use the actual sensors used with the device. So, these inputs are better simulated in test. This makes the test system smaller, faster, and potentially more accurate.


    • Standard resolution modules/cards – for sensor emulation applications.
    • Precision Programmable Resistors
    • RTD and Strain Gauge Simulators
    • High setting Resolution
    • Excellent Stability and Accuracy
    • PXI Load Resistor Modules
    • Battery Simulators
  • Pickering RF & Microwave Switch Modules

    Pickering offer 400+ RF/Microwave Switch modules that cover the frequency spectrum including SPDT, Transfer, MUX and Matrix switches with bandwidths from 100MHz to 110GHz available on PXI, LXI & USB platforms. Or try our Microwave Switch Design Tool to design your own.

    We offer flexible options for control communications and system architecture. These switching systems are used for design validation, reliability and production test including 5G, SD Radios, S Parameter testing for RF Cables, Antennas, Radar and Semiconductor verification.


    • Bandwidths from 100MHz to 67GHz
    • 8GHz Solid State
    • Matrices
    • Multiplexers
    • SPDT Switches
    • Attenuators
    • Cable Assemblies
    • Usable in PXI and Ethernet LXI & LXI USB Chassis
  • Pickering VXI to PXI Cross Reference

    VME eXtensions for Instrumentation (VXI) is an open standard platform for automated test based on the modular VME computer bus. Introduced in 1987, this modular chassis-based architecture reduced the size and increased the performance of high-end test systems. VXI systems provided higher data transfer rates and real-time performance not possible with rack-and stack systems, and were principally successful in the military and aerospace markets. However, VXI is now over 30 years old and many of the leading T&M companies are now no longer supporting the standard.

    More test systems designers are choosing the PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation (PXI) platform when designing new modular test systems or replacing or updating existing test systems such as VXI. Originally introduced in 1997, PXI is an open T&M standard now supported by almost 70 companies working under the umbrella of the PXI Systems Alliance (PXISA), which publishes the PXI specification and ensures instrumentation interoperability. Pickering Interfaces is one of six current Board level members of the PXISA.


    • Better Availability of PXI
    • Hardware costs are lower for PXI
    • PXI throughput at peak bandwidth of 132 MB/s
    • PXI modules are significantly smaller in footprint