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  • Microwave Photonics Model OFW-3478 GPS Fibre Optic Distribution

    The OFW-3478 GPS Fiber Optic Distribution System is a cost effective turn-key system solution which consists of a GPS Antenna, Transmitter Module, Receiver Module, Surge Suppressor, and all associated coaxial and fiber optic interconnection cables.

    • Dual Redundant Antennas
    • GNSS Compatible
    • AC & DC Power Options
    • Point to Multipoint Distribution
    • Ethernet Remote Monitoring
    • Optical Loss Budget: 10dBo
  • Microwave Photonics Model MP-128 GPS/ RF to Fibre Optic Transmitter/Receiver

    The Microwave Photonics MP-128 Series is a comprehensive family of RF/Fiber Optic Transmitter/Receivers that are designed to provide Electrical-to-Optical (E/O) and Optical-to-Electrical (O/E) conversion of broadband RF signals over a frequency range of 1.0 MHz to 3500 MHz.

    This industry leading mechanical package is ideal for OEM fiber optic integration into legacy RF platforms and products.

    The MP-128TX Transmitter utilizes a low noise, high dynamic range Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser with integrated temperature stability control. The MP-128RX Receiver utilizes High Speed, Low Distortion PIN Photodiode Detectors that is integrated with a broadband RF post amplifier. Both the TX and RX units provide the user with an open collector summary status pin. Further system optimization can be achieved by using the integrated RF attenuators to satisfy almost any application.

    The link applications include GPS and RF /Microwave Antenna Remoting, Time and Frequency Reference Distribution, L-Band SATCOM Links, Phased Array Antenna Systems, RF delay lines, Telemetry Tracking, and Point-to-Point RF Transmission.


    • Bandwidth: 1.0MHz to 3500MHz
    • CWDM Compatible
    • Low Noise Post-Amplifier
    • High Dynamic Range
    • Ultra Compact Form Factors
    • Configurable Design
  • Microwave Photonics Model MA-2158 Dual Redundant GPS Antenna / Network Splitter

    The Microwave Photonics MA – 2158/GPS is a “Dual Redundant” GPS Antenna / Network Splitter Subsystem that provides the capability to share a common GPS antenna among multiple GPS Receivers while also offering failover redundancy switching of the GPS active antenna. The MA-2158-XX-AS GPS Splitter is comprised of up to thirty two independent RF GPS channels enabling connectivity configuration of up to thirty two separate GPS receivers. The MA-2158 GPS Splitter can be customized in numerous distribution configurations, to accommodate any custom requirements. In addition, the subsystem provides a high performance, cost-effective solution for splitting GPS signals.

    Applications include 4G/LTE Node Synchronizations, National Contingency Centers, Power Generation Substations, EMC Test Labs, Aviation Hangers, Naval Shipboard & Maritime Vessels, Oil, Gas & Mining Operations and Rail & Tunnel Complexes


    • Frequency Range: 1.1 to 1.6 GHz (L1, L2, Glonass, Galileo, …)
    • Dual Redundant Antennas
    • DC Bias Power for each Antenna
    • AC and DC power options
    • Multiple RF Splitter Configurations
    • Internal GPS Receiver Bias Load
  • Microwave Photonics Model MP-2350 RF Fibre Optic Tx/Rx

    The MP-2350 Series is a comprehensive family of RF/Fiber Optic Transmitters/Receivers that are designed to provide electrical-to-optical (E/O) conversion. The MP-2350TX has an internal low noise, variable gain Pre-Amp that facilitates the adjustment of the overall link system RF Noise Figure permitting optimization of system dynamic range relative to the optical loss budget.The MP-2350TX Transmitter and MP-2350RX RF/Fiber Optic Receiver provides transmission of RF signals over singlemode optical fiber for use in communication applications including antenna remoting, time and frequency reference distribution, RF delay lines, telemetry tracking, and point-to-point RF transmission.

    • Bandwidth: 1.0MHz to 3500MHz
    • Integrated Bias-T & LNA
    • AC/DC Current: 30A
    • WDM & CWDM Compatible
    • 30KHz Frequency Range on AC Current
    • High Dynamic Range
    • 1RU,3RU & Flange Mount Configurable
    • Status Monitoring: RS-232 or RS-485