Clarke-Hess Model 5600 Precision Phase Standard

The Clarke-Hess Model 5600 Precision Phase Standard replaces the industry standard Model 5500-2. Using the latest digital techniques and optimally designed output circuitry the Model 5600 offers the same level of high accuracy, voltage range and low distortion as the Model 5500-2 but now covers a much greater frequency range, can drive loads of up to 30mA and a full decade of higher resolution. It also does this at a remarkably low cost and in a much smaller package. The combination of excellent phase accuracy, excellent amplitude accuracy and low distortion from each channel make the Model 5600 ideal for calibrating Phase Meters, Phase Angle Voltmeters, Vector Voltmeters, Power Analyzers and FRA’s.

  • 1Hz to 1MHz Frequency Range
  • 0.1mº Resolution
  • Output Current>30mA
  • Voltage Accuracy: 0.5%
  • Voltage Range: 50mV to 120V
  • Phase accuracy: 5mº
  • GPIB Interface
  • High Resolution Colour Display