Genvolt ESK Electrospinning High Voltage Starter Kit

Utilising the Genvolt 7xx30 series High Voltage Bench Power Supply, and combining that with a digitally set infusion pump, the ESK Electrospinning Starter Kit provides an easily controlled continuous production in an electrospinning environment. The ESK has the capability to purge the syringe, memorises previous setting after power up, power failure mode which allows the pump to continue after a reset. and. It also has features such as a precise reproduceable flow rate and the Infusion rate can be changed while pumping.


  • Voltage Outputs: 10kV, 20kV, 30kV or 35kV
  • AC or DC Input
  • Output Power: 30W or 60W
  • Capacity: 1 Syringe from micro-litre size up to 60ml. (140ml partially filled)
  • Infusion Rate: From 0.73 µL/hr (1 mL syringe) to 1500 mL/hr (60 mL syringe)
  • Selectable Infusion Rates: Units in mL/hr, µL/hr, mL/min, µL/min
  • Volume Dispensed: Displays total in mL or µL units
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Small Operational footprint
  • Economical