AE Techron Model 7800 High Power Precision Amplifier

The AE Techron 7800-Series AC power amplifiers are durable, four-quadrant, DC-enabled, low-noise, wide-bandwidth amplifiers. The 7800 Series Amplifiers are a great solution if bandwidth and/or system noise is a problem. They are able to drive low-impedance loads at frequencies of up to 60kHz. Because they utilise a linear circuit topology, the AE Techron 7800 series amplifiers have no switching noise in their output and very low radiated EMI. This results in THD and noise floors that are much lower than what is possible with traditional switch mode amplifiers, making them ideal for applications that require either high precision or, because of sensitive measurements, cannot tolerate the radiated noise associated with switch mode amplifiers.

The 7800 series amplifiers are tough, both physically and electrically. The 7800 series models have been used for conducting experiments on a Navy warship, controlling a magnetic field in a fusion experiment, and driving DUTs while absorbing back EMF when there is a failure.

  • Bandwidth: DC to 60KHz
  • Voltage Output: 500Vp
  • Current Output: 400Ap (800Ap Short Period)
  • Power: 10kVA, 15kVA or 20kVA