AE Techron Model 7212 Power Grid Simulator

The AE Techron 7212 is a Four-Quadrant, 0.44 kVA, DC-enabled Power Amplifier that was created to meet the exacting requirements of the Power Utility industry. It features a DC to 250 kHz Bandwidth, low noise floor, fast slew rate and a 113V RMS potential. The 7212 can be combined to form a 3-phase Y Voltage Source, and has a wide range of field-configurable options.

A single 7212 can output a 40mSec pulse with up to 30 amperes peak current. In continuous operation, a 7212 can provide 440 watts RMS of output power. If more voltage is needed, up to four amplifiers can be combined in series and operate as a single system. The 7212 can operate in either voltage or current mode and can be configured by the customer for high-voltage/low-current, medium voltage and current, or low- voltage/high-current applications. It provides very low noise and fast slew rates, and can safely drive a wide range of resistive or inductive loads.


  • Up to 113V RMS at up to 4A
  • 250KHz Bandwidth
  • Pulsed output up to 30 Ap
  • 430 watts RMS continuous output
  • Low noise floor of only 300 µV
  • Fast, 50 V/µs slew rate
  • System output of over 1,700 watts is possible with multiple, interconnected amplifiers