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  • EXFO FIP-500 Fibre Inspection Scope

    In today’s fibre-dense environments, both Single-Fibre and Multi-Fibre connectors need to be reliably and rapidly inspected to keep networks running smoothly. Leveraging 35+ years of leading expertise in optical testing, we`ve designed the inspection scope that makes it easy for all technicians, everywhere. The FIP-500 Fibre Inspection Scope Fastest inspection in the industry for both single-fiber and multi-fiber connectors, with the most reliable results. Self-contained, fully automated tool for zero-button testing all day—without the need to recharge batteries or offload results. The FIP-500 was designed with not one, but several innovative image capture techniques. This unprecedented visibility of the connector endface translates into optimal accuracy and repeatability.


    • Fastest inspection in the industry
    • Best-in-class optical performance for accurate and repeatable results
    • Zero-button inspection: 100% automated from insertion to data saving
    • Wide array of adapter tips for single-fiber and multi-fiber connectors (e.g., LC, SC, ST, MPO, OptiTap®, OptiTip®)
    • Smartphone-grade 2.4-inch color touchscreen
    • Test all day without any interruption: long-lasting battery and memory space to store results locally
  • EXFO OSIC Modular Optical Test System

    The OSICS multifunction modular platform features a large suite of pluggable light sources and passive optical modules, integrated
    into a cost-effective, reliable and flexible solution. The OSICS family of modules fulfill all fibre-optic component and system test
    requirements for R&D labs as well as 24/7 manufacturing environments, particularly for DWDM system evaluation.
    The OSICS Mainframe can host up to eight pluggable modules that can be mixed and matched for custom applications and
    controlled remotely and individually for easy automation.


    • 8 Module Channels
    • Tuneable Lasers
    • Transmission Lasers
    • Broadband Light Sources
    • Optical Shutters & Switches
    • High Power Optical Attenuators
    • Variable Back Reflect
  • EXFO OSA20 Optical Spectrum Analyser

    The OSA20 is the only grating-based Optical Spectrum Analyzer that combines state-of-the-art performance, ease of use, automation, top-shelf analysis tools and fast measurements. This makes it ideal not only for next-gen optical telecom network R&D but also for manufacturing of high-end products such as transceivers or ROADMs. The OSA20’s monochromator is built around EXFO’s renowned filter technology. Its narrow bandwidth (20 pm) is maintained throughout the spectral range of operation (1250 – 1700 nm). The monochromator also stands out by its extremely sharp filter edges and low stray light, ideal for optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) measurement of tightly packed WDM channel testing.


    • Wavelength range of 1250-1700 nm
    • Wavelength resolution of 20 pm (native), adjustable over 50-2000 pm
    • Sweep speed up to 2000 nm/s
    • Wavelength accuracy of ±10 pm over 1500-1640 nm and ±25 pm over 1250-1700 nm
    • Full automation using SCPI commands
    • 8 application-oriented analysis modes and full suite of analysis tools
    • Intuitive user interface with 12-inch touchscreen
    • Built-in wavelength calibration source
    • Power level accuracy of ±0.4 dB
  • EXFO FTB 5GPro 5G Field Test Solution for Mobile Networks

    The FTB 5GPro Test solution helps you get 5G Networks up and running fast. A versatile solution empowering field technicians to efficiently validate fibre optic and transport links—from the core to the tower and all the way to your subscribers. Using a unique and patented automated multipulse and multiwavelength acquisition approach, the field-proven iOLM surpasses the traditional OTDR and linear view, providing expert-level link characterization of any fibre network. iOLM converts complex OTDR tests into clear, accurate go/no-go results through a single-button operation.


    • eCPRI 10G and 25G link validation using BER and QoS metrics like latency testing
    • Fiber connector inspection to detect dirty or damaged connectors (at each connection point)
    • Fully automated iORF
    • CPRI link validation from 1.2 Gbit/s to 10.1 Gbit/s using BER and latency testing
    • iOLM for fiber link characterization
    • Optics test application to efficiently evaluate the operation of transceiver interfaces from 1G to 100G
    • Up to 100G Ethernet testing
    • Industry’s most powerful real-time, high-resolution RF spectrum analysis over CPRI
    • SyncE, 1588-PTP and Wander/TE for timing and synchronization validation
  • EXFO BA-4000 Bit Error Rate Tester 100G/400G

    The BA-4000 Bit Error Rate (BER) is a key performance attribute associate to digital communications. The quality of the signal transmission of a network, subsystem or component, can be evaluated using a BER tester, a device that compares the received data stream with the transmitted sequence and computes the number of errors. The BA-4000 Bit Analyzer is powered up with FEC simulation capabilities to provide powerful analysis for burst error.


    • 100G (4x28GBd) scalable to 400G (8×56 GBd)
    • Supports NRZ and PAM4
    • Supports PRBS 7/9/11/13/15/23/31/13Q/31Q, SSPRQ
    • Burst/Random error injection
    • FEC capability
    • Channel Simulator
    • O-SMPM connection
    • Optional Multirate PPG from 10 to 28 GBd
  • EXFO CD-4000 Optical & Electrical Clock Data Recovery for 28 GBd/56 GBd

    The purpose of designing various protocols is to transfer a set of information (data) from one place to another. Serial data communication is then used to transmit the data at a high speed. At the receiver end, the transmitted data must be retrieved without losing its integrity with the accompanied timing information. This process is called clock and data recovery (CDR).

    The CD-4000 enables an optimized synchronization between the BA-4000 Bit Analyzer and the EA-4000 sampling oscilloscope.

    Along with the EA-4000 Eye Analyzer, BA-4000 Bit-Analyzer and the MA-4000 Module Analyzer, the CD-4000 Clock recovery is part of the unique EXFO’s end-to-end transceiver validation solution.


    • Supports NRZ and PAM4 signals
    • Integrated O/E with optical splitter
    • Ultra-low random jitter
    • Auto-locking
  • EXFO MA-4000 All-in-one BER tester – MCB for 100G/400G

    The MA-4000 is designed as an All-in-one solution for transceiver qualification on the production floor, including a bit-error-rate tester, module compliance board (MCB) and power supply.


    • 8 channels, 10-28 GBd supporting PAM4 and NRZ
    • Integrated MCB (no RF cable required)
    • High flexibility supporting the most popular transceivers. Daughter cards available: QSFP-DD, OSFP, QSFP28, SFP28
    • Future-proof design with replaceable MCB
    • I²C control function supported
    • Pre- and post-FEC BER
    • Featuring FEC distribution (codewords vs symbol errors)
  • EXFO EA-4000 Eye Analyser Electrical/Optical Sampling Oscilloscope

    The EA-4000 Eye Analyzer is the Fastest Optical and Electrical Sampling Oscilloscope in the industry, ideal for the analysis of eye-diagram for characterization of transmitters and receivers in production floor. This instrument supports single-mode and multimode fibres and it has been designed with an ultra-low jitter mode for a stunning performance in manufacturing.

    An extended offer of EA-4000 is available with either single or dual ports for electrical and optical characterization of NRZ-based components.

    Along with the BA-4000 Bit-Analyzer, the MA-4000 Module Analyzer and the CD-4000 Clock recovery, the EA-4000 Eye Analyzer is part of the unique EXFO’s End-to-End transceiver validation solution.


    • Sampling Rate: 1M samples/s
    • Measures 1000 waveforms in 2 seconds (2000 samples/waveform)
    • Optical receiver support Singlemode and Multimode
    • Repeatable measurements and comparable to Tier-1 scope
    • Supports PRBS31 pattern lock (optional)
    • Built-in low jitter mode (optional)