• Genvolt Electrospinning & Electrospraying

    Genvolt Electrospinning & Electrospraying

    Whether you're new to the concept of nanofiber production or need an upgrade to your current setup Genvolt utilising their versatile 7xx30 series High Voltage Power Supply, and combining that with a digitally set Infusion Pump providing an Electrospinning System that gives user's a precise high voltage source and a Syringe Pump for easily controlled continuous production in an electrospinning environment. The perfect combination for producing electrospun nanofibers and other applications. Genvolt have also introduced an Environmental Chamber for Electrospinning applications that offers a complete economic system solution
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  • Genvolt High Voltage Power Supplies

    Genvolt High Voltage Power Supplies

    Genvolt offers High Voltage Power Supplies with Voltages from as low as 200V to over 300kV and output power from as low as 20W to in excess of 1000W with most products being available with either a fixed positive polarity or a fixed negative polarity.
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