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  • Microchip CSIII Model 4310 Cesium Frequency Reference Standard

    The Microchip CsIII is a lightweight, compact, economical Cesium Frequency Standard. The technology developed for the CsIII is an evolutionary step forward in the quest for higher stability, lower phase noise, and longer life. An ever increasing base of demanding users in communications, timing, synchronization,and other applications take advantage of this performance.

    Key Features:

    • Frequency accuracy up to ±1e-12
    • Up to 5e-14 long term stability
    • 2 x RF outputs: 5MHz and 10MHz
    • One 1PPS Output
    • One 1PPS Input
    • MTBF: > 130,000 hours
    • 8 year warranty on standard tubes
  • Microchip Model 5071A Cesium Frequency Reference Standard

    The Microchip Model 5071A Cesium Frequency Reference Standard has the accuracy and stability you need for both laboratory and field applications. A stability specification for 30-day averaging time means the 5071A Cesium Frequency Reference Standard will keep extremely predictable time and phase for long periods. Further, the 5071A can be used for long-term averaging of noisy signals such as GPS. Accurate, stable, and capable of delivering extremely predictable time and phase for long periods, the Microchip Model 5071A Cesium Frequency Reference Standard meets the needs of leading-edge metrology and calibration labs. Used with GPS systems, the 5071A provides master clock integration for Telecommunication, satellite communication, and navigation systems.

    Key Features:

    • Frequency Accuracy up to ±5e-13
    • Long Term Stability up to 1e-14
    • Up to 6 RF and 3 PPS outputs
    • Up to 2 x  1PPS inputs
    • Battery backup
    • Ethernet and Telecom connectivity
    • 10 year warranty on standard tubes
  • Microchip Model MHM-2020 Active Hydrogen Maser

    Expanding upon the heritage of the world’s most widely installed Active Hydrogen Maser, the Microchip MHM-2020 has enhanced the unique Auto-Tune design of the MHM-2010 by re-engineering the electronics and software to attain even better stability. Capable of achieving <3 × 10-16 daily drift rates along with improved environmental stability, the MHM-2020 has been designed for applications requiring extreme frequency stability and low phase noise.

    Designed, manufactured and tested in the USA with an eye toward long service deployments, 95% of Masers built at Microchip’s dedicated Maser facility since 1999 are still in operation. Each MHM-2020 is manufactured to meet stringent quality standards and undergoes extensive performance verification testing, prior to deployment.

    Key Features:

    • Telemetry monitoring via Touch screen and secure Ethernet
    • Dedicated keypad or USB/serial port (secure) allow flexibility in instrument control
    • Drift compensation mode enabling drift as low as <3 x 10-16 /day (typical, after 3 months)
    • Low hydrogen usage for extended maintenance-free operation and Demonstrated lifetime of greater than 20 years
    • Internal Time-of-Day clock for internal data time stamping
    • 1PPS synchronization option for precise calibration to GNSS
    • Multiple 1PPS and RF output options (5, 10 or 100 MHz)
    • Low phase noise option
    • Battery Backup
    • CE Compliant