Elsys TranAX 3 Data Acquisition Software

TranAX 3 is the universal Data Acquisition Software from Elsys designed for their complete range of Precision Data Acquisition Systems. TranAX 3 is a client-server application and remotely controls the data acquisition instrument over the local area networks. Complete settings and traces related to a project can be stored and recalled from disk, for maximum productivity. Several users can work with pre-defined GUI-layouts and hardware configurations. Advanced triggering allows the Transient Recorder to capture rare events as well as signal anomalies. Powerful data acquisition modes from scope mode to block mode and continuous mode for gap free real-time recording to disk allow the user to choose the appropriate scheme. This can be done with No Programming.

  • Event Controlled Recording
  • 40 Scalar Functions
  • Measurement data – Video Synchronization
  • Powerful Formula Editor
  • Oscilloscope & FFT Modes
  • Curve Fitting
  • Continuous Data Streaming to Hard Disk