Elsys TPCE PCIe Data Acquisition Card

The Elsys TPCE Data Acquisition cards are high-resolution digitizers with sophisticated features such as advanced trigger mode, continuous data acquisition mode, differential inputs, digital input lines (Markers) and ICP coupling for powering piezo sensors. The various TPCE cards are compact short-form PCI Express (PCIe) card. A scalable data acquisition system may be started with one or several cards that can be extended in the future to build a solution with up to 64-channels in one housing.

  • 4Ch or 8Ch SE & DE
  • Up to 240 MS/s Sample Rate
  • 14 or 16-bit Resolution
  • ±50 mV to ±50 V Input Range
  • High-precision: 0.03% of FSR
  • Up to 1Gb Acquisition Memory
  • PCIe Interface
  • Data Acquisition Software