Signatone QuadPro II Resistivity System

The Signatone QuadProII Automatic includes a computer, stepper controller, and base station with either a 200 or 300mm diameter isolated chuck. The software automatically defines the points for automated testing and mapping of the test sample. The user enters the sample size, sample shape, edge exclusion, and choice of 5, 9, 25, 49 or 121 test points. The software automatically defines the best probe position for creating a uniform contour map. Users may also define their own custom positioning map with up to 14,000 test points. The user map may be defined by moving to position and recording the location or keying X-Y positions into an X-Y position table.

  • Measures V/I, Sheet Resistance, Resistivity or Thickness
  • Reports Average, Standard Deviation, Minimum, Maximum and 1Sigma for the data set
  • Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) measurements integrated with automated temperature chuck and Source Meter.
  • Automated 2D Color Contour mapping, 3D and Cross section mapping
  • Employs the Dual Configuration Testing method for improved accuracy and repeatability
  • Tests samples 10mm to 300mm
  • P/N Typing
  • Comparative Mapping