Transmille Procal Advanced Calibration Software

Transmilles ProCal software provides a cost effective and easy to use solution for automating calibration, from a single workstation through to a network multi discipline network.
ProCal comes pre loaded with drivers for many common instruments, including all of Transmilles equipment, Fluke multiproduct calibrators and multimeters, Agilent multimeters, even older Datron equipment.
An industry first approach, ProCal simplifies the task of calibration by providing a graphical interface with clear indication of test status using a ‘Traffic light’ system, where Green indicates pass, Red indicates a fail and orange indicates a probable fail or probable pass condition.
For ease of use, ProCal comes installed with automated connection prompts, which are displayed in procedures to show common connections. These can be customised by the end user to show exact test setups using the equipment that you have to minimise training requirements when new employees join your laboratory.

  • Easy Procedure Generation Wizard
  • Uncertainty Calculations
  • Closed Loop Calibration
  • Laboratory Management
  • Powerful Documenting & Reporting
  • Data import/export for on-site Calibration
  • Clear Pass/ Fail Indication