Pacific Power Model AZX AC + DC Regenerative Power Supplies

The AZX Series is a family of high power, single, split and three phase, AC, DC and AC+DC output capable Power Sources with full energy recovery to the AC mains when sinking power from the equipment under test. Available models range from 30 kVA to 400 kVA. Using a modern color touch screen based user interface for ease of use, the AZX Series is cost effective and fully programmable for both basic frequency conversion and advanced AC power line or DC power disturbance test applications requiring up to 1000 Hz fundamental frequency.

The energy recovery capability allows both sourcing and sinking of current and power up to 100% of rated power. Adding the Load Option (Option L) adds full electronic regenerative AC & DC Load programming capability to the AZX.


  • Output Power Range: 30kVA to 400kVA
  • AC Output Voltage Range: 0~225V L-N and 0~440V L-N Dual Constant Power mode
  • DC Output Voltage Range:  0~335V L-N and 0~650V L-N Dual Constant Power mode
  • Output Frequency Range: DC, 1 to 15Hz, 15 to 1,000 Hz
  • Fully Regenerative Operation with energy recovery to the AC grid
  • Voltage Source and Current Source modes standard
  • Add Electronic Load (option L) to support Regenerative AC or DC Load Applications
  • Precision True-RMS metering of Volts, Amps, Power, VA, Power Factor and Crest Factor