Microwave Photonics Model MP-2350 RF Fibre Optic Tx/Rx

The MP-2350 Series is a comprehensive family of RF/Fiber Optic Transmitters/Receivers that are designed to provide electrical-to-optical (E/O) conversion. The MP-2350TX has an internal low noise, variable gain Pre-Amp that facilitates the adjustment of the overall link system RF Noise Figure permitting optimization of system dynamic range relative to the optical loss budget.The MP-2350TX Transmitter and MP-2350RX RF/Fiber Optic Receiver provides transmission of RF signals over singlemode optical fiber for use in communication applications including antenna remoting, time and frequency reference distribution, RF delay lines, telemetry tracking, and point-to-point RF transmission.

  • Bandwidth: 1.0MHz to 3500MHz
  • Integrated Bias-T & LNA
  • AC/DC Current: 30A
  • WDM & CWDM Compatible
  • 30KHz Frequency Range on AC Current
  • High Dynamic Range
  • 1RU,3RU & Flange Mount Configurable
  • Status Monitoring: RS-232 or RS-485