Andeen Hagerling Model AH1100 Precision Capacitance Standard

The Andeen Hagerling Model AH1100 Capacitance Standard frame contains one to four AH11A Fused-Silica Capacitance Standards providing reference capacitors of excellence stability. The inherent stability of this system when subjected to mechanical or thermal shock makes it the ideal transfer standard for capacitance. The built-in precision temperature controllers make it a simple, reliable system to use. These are the only standards currently sold that are sufficiently accurate to calibrate the AH2500A capacitance bridge to the limits of its specifications.

  • Any Capacitance value in the range from 0.1pF to 115pF
  • Stability of larger capacitors is better than 0.3ppm/year
  • Temperature coefficient of Capacitance with respect to changes in ambient temperature < 0.01ppm/°C
  • Hysteresis resulting from temperature cycling is less than 0.05ppm
  • Hysteresis resulting from mechanical shock is less than 0.05ppm
  • AC voltage coefficient is less than 0.003ppm/volt
  • DC voltage coefficient is less than 0.0001ppm/volt
  • Power line sensitivity is less than 0.0003 ppm per 1% change in power line voltage
  • Dissipation factor is less than 0.000 003 tan delta