Transmille Model 3050A Advanced Multi Product Calibrator

The 3000A Series range of calibrators offer the widest workload of any calibration system presently available. These class leading solutions provide the unique concept of add-on external calibration adapters combined with built-in measurement capabilities to dramatically extend the range of instruments that can be calibrated.

The 3000A Series multi-product calibrators have been designed to help you and your business, allowing a wide range of calibration work to be performed quickly, accurately and economically. Modern calibration is a competitive market, and cost effective equipment and software are key considerations.

  • 50ppm DC Accuracy
  • AC/DC Volts: 1000V
  • AC/DC Current: 20A
  • AC/DC Current Range to 1000A with turns coil Opt.
  • Resistance to 100Mohms
  • Capacitance to 1uF
  • Frequency to 10MHz