Transmille Model 1000A/B Advanced Multifunction Calibrator

The 1000 series is set to transform the world of calibration – a completely new design utilises the latest in cutting edge digital and analogue electronics, combined with the latest manufacturing techniques to create the worlds first ultra portable full function calibrator.

A significant improvement in portability and warmup time changes how and where calibration can be performed. On site calibration is performed globally in hostile environments where large and fragile multiproduct calibrators made on site calibration difficult to perform. The 1000A is built into a ruggedised case rated IP67 for protection against ingress of water and dust ensuring a long working life in hostile environments

  • 80ppm DC Accuracy
  • AC/DC Volts: 1000V
  • AC/DC Current: 10A
  • Insulation Tester Calibration
  • Process Control Instrument Calibrator
  • Capacitance to 10uF
  • Frequency to 10MHz
  • Rugged Carry Case