dBm Model SLE9000 Series Satellite Link Emulator

The dBm Model SLE900 replaces the SLE700 and provides wider bandwidth, improved noise floor, and also adds optional AWGN and multipath fading with up to 6 taps per channel. The instrument can be configured with 1 to 4 channels.  There are three RF bandwidths currently available: 72 MHz bandwidth centered at either 70 MHz or 140 MHz, 125 MHz bandwidth centered at 140 MHz, and 250 MHz bandwidth centered at 1200 MHz. Link impairments include delay, Doppler, attenuation, phase offset, AWGN, and multipath. Parameters can be set to fixed values in Static mode, or continuously changed in real time in Dynamic mode without any phase discontinuities. Ephemeris data files are downloaded via an ethernet connection and stored internally in solid state memory. These dynamic files can have playback rates from 1 Hz to 1000 Hz, and  can be run forward, reverse, continuously looped, or single stepped.

Remote control can be accomplished by making calls from your test software, or by using the SleControl application program provided with the instrument. This application provides control of all SLE functions, as well as manipulation of the dynamic data files.

  • Centre Frequency : 70Mhz/140MHz, 140MHz & 1200MHz
  • 1dB RF Bandwidth: 72MHz, 125MHz, 250MHz
  • Independant Channels: 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Static and dynamic operation
  • Phase continuous delay, Doppler, and attenuation changes
  • AWGN and C/N generation
  • 6 tap multipath fading with Rayleigh, Rician, AOA, k-factor, and correlation controls
  • Ephemeris data generation using SATGEN