Brookhaven DNDC Refractometer

The Brookhaven Instruments BI-DNDC Refractometer is a deflection type Refractometer that may be purchased for use in either batch or GPC/SEC mode. In batch mode, the specific refractive index increment, dn/dc, is determined. This value is required as a parameter in molecular weight measurements using light scattering. In GPC/SEC mode, dn/dc is already known, and the instrument is used as a concentration detector for GPC/SEC applications.

All major features are user programmable in order to achieve the maximum flexibility. The BI-DNDC can be set using the front panel controls and read using the LED readout or by an external computer. It includes a microprocessor, which allows user-friendly handling of all functions of the instrument, as well as refractive index and temperature data transfer to a personal computer via a standard serial interface.

Most importantly, warm-up time for the BI-DNDC is only one hour, much less than other models on the market.


  • Fast instrument warm-up, ~ 1 hour!
  • Sensitivity, 2.5 x 109 ?RIU
  • Autozero
  • Reference cell flush
  • 9 Measurement ranges
  • DNDCW Windows™ software
  • Active temperature control to 80 °C
  • Wavelength selection: 620, 535 or 470 nm