EMC Test Systems

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  • Amplifier Research Model FL8000 Series Field Probe Kit

    The Amplifier Research model  FL8000 series is an advanced line of laser-powered Electric Field Probes, and associated Kits designed specifically for EMC radiated immunity test applications. Each Field Probe is an electrically small, separable axis sensor capable of measuring both continuous wave and pulsed electric fields. There are a total of five Field Probes available, each with a unique bandwidth, sensitivity, and dynamic range. The filed probe kits contain everything needed to operate its associated Field Probe.

    • Laser-Powered Electric Field Probe Kit
    • Frequency Ranges from 5KHz to 60GHz (model dependant)
    • Field Strength Ranges from 0.3V/m to 1000Vm(model dependant)
    • CW and Pulse Electric Field Measurement
    • Separable X, Y and Z Axis