Scribner 850 Fuel Cell Tester

The Scribner Model 850 Multi-Range Fuel Cell Test System is a complete test station for operation and measurement of PEM/DMFC fuel cells.  The 850 is ideal for single-cell and short-stack fuel cell research and university programs.

The 850 combines a computer-controlled instrument with fuel handling hardware in an integrated bench-top unit. The 850 uses the proven 890 as the basis for the electronic load design. The powerful FuelCell® software package is included for controlling station operation.

Remote control can be accomplished by making calls from your test software, or by using the SleControl application program provided with the instrument. This application provides control of all SLE functions, as well as manipulation of the dynamic data files.

  • Multiple current range electronic load choices: 5/25/50 A or 10/50/100 A, 100 W, 20 V
  • Suitable for up to 50 cm2 PEM cells
  • FuelCell ® software for user-friendly computer controlled cell operation & experimentation
  • Temperature controlled high performance 316L stainless steel humidifiers, and heated gas transfer lines
  • Computer control of anode and cathode mass flow rates
  • Direct USB Connection
  • Impedance Analyzer with higher frequency capability