Pickering 41-752A Battery Simulator

The Pickering Model 41-752  new Battery Simulator modules occupy a single PXI slot. These 6-channel Battery Simulators are capable of supplying up to 7 V and 300 mA per channel. The channels are fully isolated from ground and from each other, allowing series connection to simulate batteries in a stacked architecture. The 750 V isolation barrier allows the module to be used as a lower power version of a battery stack, representative of those used for vehicle propulsion.

  • Available as PXI or PXIe Modules
  • 6, 4 or 2 Battery Cell Simulators In A Single Slot
  • Voltage & Current Readback Option
  • Independent Sense Connections
  • Up To 300 mA Output Per Simulator
  • 750 V Independent Isolation Barriers