OROS SoundSpot Mobile Real Time Sound Camera

OROS offers the SoundSpot – the lightest handheld real-time sound camera in the market. In a noisy environment, the most efficient way to decrease the global noise level is to reduce the main noise source. SoundSpot displays a spot on video in real-time, locating the
dominant noise source. The recorded data can be post-processed. SoundSpot is based on ACB Engineering patented technology. Its
ultra-compact and light-weighted design, user-friendly interface, and fully automatic setup allow users to perform acoustic investigation anywhere immediately.


  • Visualize the dominant noise source in real-time video
  • Lightest handheld sound camera in the market
  • Fully automatic setup
  • Detect both Transient and Stationary noise sources
  • Acoustic map corresponding to the selected octave band
  • High noise localization performance with only eight microphones
  • Automatic distance measurement by the optical system
  • Sonometer mode to measure sound pressure level in dB or dBA
  • Post-processing software SoundSpot-Office available