GW Instek Model GSP-9330 3.25GHz Spectrum Analyser

The Model GSP-9330, high test speed Spectrum Analyzer with a Frequency range from 9KHz to 3.25GHz, provides the fastest 204ms sweep speed. The key to handling modulated signals are fast sweep time and signal demodulation functions. Users, via high speed sweep time, can easily handle and analyze modulation signals. In addition to the analog AM/FM demodulation and analysis function, GSP-9330 also provides digital signal ASK/FSK, and 2FSK demodulation and analysis capabilities. EMC issues are very crucial to product’s design processes. The GSP-9330 has incorporated the EMC pretest solution to facilitate EMC testssimly and easily, shortening test times and increasing efficiency.

  • Frequency Range: 9KHz to 3.25GHz
  • Fast Sweep Time: 204uS
  • Resolution: 1Hz
  • Sensitivity: -149dBm/Hz
  • PreAmplifier
  • Analogue/Digital Demodulation
  • EMC Pretest Function
  • Spectrograph & Topographic Display
  • Tracking Generator
  • Battery Pack