GW Instek Model MDO-2000EX Series Digital Oscilloscopes

From AUD $2,495.00

The MDO2000E Series Mixed Domain Digital Oscilloscope combines Time Domain and Frequency Domain Analysis in one instrument providing a Bandwidth of 200MHz, Sampling at 1GS/s in the Time Domain and a 500MHz Bandwidth Spectrum Analyser. The MDO2000E Mixed Domain Digital Oscilloscope also can be configured with a Dual Channel 25MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator, a DMM and a Power Supply all integrated to provide a powerful analysis tool for many signal analysis applications.

  • 70MHz-200MHz Bandwidth
  • 1GS/s Sampling Rate
  • 10M Acquistion Memory
  • 8 Bit Resolution
  • 2 or 4 Channels
  • 500MHz Spectrum Analyser
  • Serial Bus Analysis
  • Integrated DMM & Power Supply
  • Dual 25MHz Arbitrary Generator
From AUD $2,495.00
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