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    Symmetricom Model S250 GPS Time & Frequency Standard

    The Symmetricom Model S250 Time and Frequency System is a Ex-Support as NEW unit but it should be noted that Time of Day capability will be impacted by GPS roll over in September 2022. Frequency capabilities will continue to operate after this date. Configuration of this unit is as follows:

    • Rubidium Atomic Clock
    • Independent Time/Frequency References: GPS, IRIG B, 1PPS, 10 MHz
    • Frequency Output:  10MHz, 1PPS
    • High-Resolution Vacuum Fluorescent Display
    • Full Numeric Keypad
    • Requires Antenna


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    Stanford Research PRS10 Rubidium Oscillator (Pre-Owned)

    The Stanford Research PRS10 is an ultra-low phase noise, 10 MHz rubidium-disciplined crystal oscillator. The device fulfills a variety of communication, synchronization and instrumentation requirements. The phase noise of the 10 MHz output is low enough to be used as the reference source for synthesizers. The unit’s short-term stability and low environmental coefficients make it an ideal component for network synchronization. Its low aging rate makes it an excellent timebase for precision frequency measurements.

    Key Features:

    • Frequency: 10MHz
    • <-130 dBc/Hz phase noise (1 Hz)
    • 1 pps input
    • RS-232 for diagnostics & control
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