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  • GW Instek Model GDM-8261A 6 ½ Digit Precision Digital Multimeter

    The GW Instek GDM-8261A includes all the basic measurement functions that are required for engineers to handle design, development and testing jobs for electronic circuits or a companion precision measurement instrument in Calibration Laboratories. The basic measurement function include Voltage, Current, Resistance, Diode, Continuity, Frequency and Temperature. Remarkably, the current measurement functions covers a very wide range from 100uA to 10A for DC current (in 6 ranges) and from 1mA to 10A for AC current (in 5 ranges). In addition, the GDM-8261A features 10 Math functions (dBm, dB, compare and other mathematical operations) to accommodate specific measurement requirements and complex measurement applications.

    • 6 ½ Resolution
    • Dual Measurement
    • 11 Measurement Functions
    • 10 Maths Functions
    • Basic DCV Accuracy: 0.0035%
    • Standard Interface: USB, RS232 & Digital I/O
    • Optional Interface: GPIB or LAN
    • Optional 16 Channel Scanner Card
    • DMM-Viewer PC Software
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  • GW Instek Model GOM-805 DC Milli-Ohm Meter

    GW Instek has launched the new Model GOM-804 and GOM-805 D.C. Milliohm meter which feature 3.5-inch TFT Display, 50,000 counts measurement display, the rapid sampling rate of 60 readings per second, optimum 0.05% measurement precision, four wire measurement method as well as the temperature measurement and temperature compensation measurement function to meet the requirement of low resistance measurement application. The GOM-805 also includes various drive modes and Dry circuit for contact resistance measurement applications. More features, including 20 sets of panel setting memory and many external control interface such as RS-232C, USB, Handler/Scan/EXT IO or GPIB (option), greatly elevate GOM-804/805 milliohm meter’s convenience on practical applications.

    • Resistance Measurement Range: 50mOhm to 5MOhm
    • Test Current up to 1A
    • Resolution to 1µOhm
    • Temperature Range: -50ºC to 399.9ºC
    • Dry Circuit Test
    • Drive modes: DC+/DC-, Pulsed, PWM, Zero
    • USB & RS232 Interface
    • High Resolution Display
  • GW Instek Model GPM-8213 Power Meter

    GW Instek GPM-8213 Power Meter is designed specifically for single-phase (1P/2W) AC power supply’s power measurements. Powerful features, including 4” TFT LCD, five-digit measurement display, 19 power measurement parameters, integral measurement function, high-accuracy voltage/current/power measurement capabilities, front/rear panel input terminals, and various communications ports, are to facilitate users with clear, convenient, and accurate power measurements.

    • Voltage/Current test frequency bandwidth : DC to 6kHz
    • Power Resolution : 1mWA
    • Current/Voltage measurements reach CF=3 for distorted wave and CF=6 for half range
    • W-h (power vs time)/A-h (current vs time) integration function
    • Total harmonic distortion measurement
    • Standard interface: RS-232C, USB, LAN
    • Optional interface: GPIB
    • Optional test fixture: GPM-001
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  • GW Instek Model AFG-303x Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    The GW Instek Model AFG-3000 series Arbitrary Function Generators, including 20MHz/30MHz single channel and dual channel models, are designed to meet industry, scientific research, and education applications. In the design of isolated output, all output channels are earth ground isolation, which is suitable for test applications of floating circuit. For instance, connecting an AFG-3000 with a power supply’s DC voltage, the maximum AC-DC cascaded output reaches +42V or -42V. Each channel of dual channel models can be operated independently or multi units can simultaneously function without taking grounding reference into consideration. Applications are, for instance, the ignition control or transmission device of automotive electronics. The series features sample rate of 250MSa/s, 16-bit resolution, and 8M point memory depth for arbitrary waveform generation. Users not only can save the edited waveforms to the memory to build arbitrary waveforms, but also rebuild waveforms by the AFG-3000’s built-in DSOLink function with a GW Instek digital storage oscilloscope.

    • Frequency Range: 1uHz to 20MHz/30MHz
    • Amplitude Output: 20Vpp
    • Single or Dual Channel
    • 250MS/s, 16 Bit Resolution, 8M Memory Depth
    • Isolated Channels
    • Synchronised Phase operation to 12 Channelso
    • Harmonic Generator
    • AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, SUM Modulation
    • Sweep& Burst Function
    • USB/LAN and Optional GPIB Interfacxe
  • GW Instek AFG-3000 Series Arbitrary Function Generator

    The GW Instek AFG-3000 Series is Arbitrary Waveform Generator designed for industrial, scientific research and educational applications. The series comes in bandwidths of 80MHz (AFG-3081) and 50MHz (AFG-3051) with built-in multiple standard waveforms to meet users’ diversified needs.

    The AFG-3000 Series also provides a high 16 bit Resolution, 200MSa/s Sample Rate and a 1M memory depth for editing Arbitrary Waveforms directly through the intuitive user interface. The Direct Waveform Reconstruction (DWR) function enables users to directly import waveforms from a GDS-2000 Series oscilloscope to the AFG-3000 via USB host, allowing users to edit waveforms and enhance measurement efficiency.

    In addition, the AFG-3000 Series has switchable 50 Ohm and Hi-Z Impedances, built-in On-Screen Help for operation conveniently. Complete parameter settings and waveform can be displayed through 4.3-inch high-resolution TFT LCD. Through USB, RS-232, and GPIB, user can use dedicated PC software or IEEE488.2 commands to edit waveforms.

    • Frequency Range: 1uHz to 80MHz/50MHz
    • Frequency Resolution: 1uHz
    • Sampling Rate: 200MS/s
    • Amplitude Resolution: 16 Bit
    • Standard Waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, Noise
    • Modulation: AM, FM, PWM, FSK, Sweep, Burst
    • Memory Depth: 1Mpt
    • Arbitrary Waveform Generation Software
    • Interfaces: USB, RS232, GPIB
  • GW Instek Model MFG-2000 Series MultiChannel Function Generator

    GW Instek launches the brand new MFG-2000 series Multi-Channel Function Generator. The output channels of MFG-21XX models include one single-channel 10M/20M/30M/60MHz ARB Generator; one 25MHz Pulse Generator; one 160MHz or 320MHz RF Signal Generator (MFG-2160MF/MFG-2160MR) and one Power Amplifier (MFG-2120MA only)?MFG-22XX models include one 30MHz/60MHz Dual performance ARB Generator ; one 25MHz Pulse Generator; one 160MHz or 320MHz RF Signal Generator (MFG-2260MFA/MFG-2260MRA) ; and one Power Amplifier (MFG-2260MFA/MFG-2260MRA only).

    The MFG-2000 series, which has up to 5 simultaneous output channels (MFG-2260MFA/MFG-2260MRA), including CH1 and CH2 equivalent performance Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator with the maximum 60MHz for both channels; RF Signal Generator, a standard AFG, which produces the maximum 320MHz sine wave and various modulation RF signals; Pulse Generator, whose frequency reaches 25MHz; Power Amplifier, which is ideal for audio range. The above-mentioned five different functionality channels are separately or totally allocated on 10 models, which extend from the basic single-channel AFG with pulse generator models to five-channel models so as to satisfy various educational and industrial applications.

    • Maximum Five Output Channels
    • * 2 x Equivalent Performance Arbitrary Channels Frequency : 1uHz to 10/20/30/60MHz
    • * RF Channel Frequency (FG/ARB/MOD): 160/320MHz
    • * Pulse Generator Frequency : 25MHz
    • *Power Amplifier : Low Frequency, 100kHz, Output 20W
    • True Point by Point Output Arbitrary Waveform Function: 200MS/s
    • 100MHz Repetition Rate, 14-bit Resolution, 16k Point Memory Depth
    • AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, SUM Modulation
    • Frequency Counter : 150MHz, 8 bits
    • USB/LAN Interface