Battery Test

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  • Arbin MSTAT Multi-Channel Potentiostat/Galvanostat

    Arbin’s Multi-Channel Potentiostat/Galvanostat (MSTAT) system is designed for high performance electrochemical research of battery materials and advanced battery cell testing. Each channel is an independent potentiostat/galvanostat and gives users full control of test profiles and data logging to offer unmatched flexibility.  No other potentiostat manufacturer offers range of channels, voltage, current, and feature-set as Arbin. Researchers and startup companies who begin working with Arbin can continue to use our battery testing systems and software solutions as they grow and expand.

    The Arbin MSTAT provides true bipolar circuitry to ensure cross-zero linearity with no switching time between charge and discharge. MSTAT hardware provides both digital and analog voltage control. Digital control maximizes the safety of battery cycling and can handle dynamic device resistance, while analog control enables the fast response and stability necessary for electrochemical applications.

    • Voltage Range: +/-5V
    • Current Range: 5A
    • Measurement Resolution: 24-bit (1 part in 16,777,216)
    • Measurement Precision: <40ppm
    • Control Accuracy: <0.01%
    • Minimum Step Time: 5ms
    • Input Impedance: 100G Ohm
    • Data Logging Rate: 2000 points per second, per system
    • Connection for PC: TCP/IP (Ethernet)
    • Ventilation Method: air-cooled with variable speed fans
  • Arbin LBT Series Precision Battery Analysis System

    Arbin’s Laboratory Battery Testing (LBT) series commercializes technology established during a 3?year ARPA-E project developing ultra?high precision testing systems. This product consists of independent potentiostat/galvanostat channels for testing batteries and other energy storage devices, and is intended to provide an economical solution for applications requiring high?precision measurements and fast data sampling. All Arbin testing systems come with a PC preloaded with our MITS Pro and Data Watcher software for creating test profiles, real?time data monitoring, and data plotting & analysis.

    • Cell Voltage up to 10V
    • Cell Current up to 2500A
    • Ability to test up to 96 cells with a single chassis
    • Comprehensive Battery Test Software