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  • ThalesNano H-Genie II Hydrogen Generator

    The ThalesNano H-Genie® II is a compact Hydrogen Generator that utilizes patented technology to produce 4.0 purity hydrogen gas from deionised water at pressures up to 100 bar (1450 psi) and flow rates up to 1 L/min. The system is designed to be used in any laboratory as a safer and simpler replacement for hydrogen cylinders and to expand your chemistry capabilities.

    The H-Genie II is the only Hydrogen Generator that offers variable Gas Flow Rates, Reaction Monitoring, and Pressure capability for expanded and faster chemistry. H-Genie II is an ideal solution to providing high-pressure hydrogen for both batch chemistry and flow chemistry applications. The combination of the H-Genie II ® with the Phoenix Flow Reactor II™ offers unparalleled Hydrogenation Synthesis, Scale-up, or Catalyst testing capabilities.


    • Generates Hydrogen from deionised  water on demand, removing the risk of having hydrogen cylinders
    • Multiple safety features and emergency shutdown protocol
    • Built in Massflow Controller,
    • Fully compatible with all Batch and Flow Reactors, and even balloons.
  • ThalesNano Phoenix II Flow Reactor

    The ThalesNano Phoenix II Flow Reactor™ is an easy-to-use reactor designed for high temperature and high pressure reactions, enabling the synthesis of novel compounds in a parameter space not achievable with standard laboratory equipment. Its versatility allows the users to create a reaction system that suits the chemistry best.

    Use the Phoenix Flow Reactor™ as a module of the H-Cube Pro™ for cylinder-free hydrogenations and other heterogeneous catalytic reactors at temperatures up to 450 °C and much more: when the Phoenix Flow Reactor™ is connected to the H-Cube Pro™, it is possible to set up a system to perform single or double-step reactions in series and to monitor and control the whole process using the interface of the H-Cube Pro™.


    • Up to 450 °C Temperature Range
    • Up to 200 bar pressure capability
    • Modular Versatility
    • Adjustable Touch Display
    • User-friendly software interface
    • Reactions can be performed in a loop homogeneously
    • Reactions can be performed with a range of different cartridges heterogeneously
    • Scale from mg to kg synthesis without system modification
    • Fast Catalyst screening,
    • Rapid heating and cooling without solvent limitation
    • Upgradeable for more chemistry and automation
  • ThalesNano H-Cube Pro Hydrogenation Flow Reactor

    The H-Cube® Pro Hydrogenation Flow Reactor offers higher throughput and wider temperature capability for more advanced applications. Active cooling for more selective reactions is included, as well as real time reaction monitoring and data logging.

    Hydrogenation is one of the most important reactions in chemical synthesis, but the hazardous nature of hydrogen limits its use. The H-Cube® series have already eliminated the dangers associated with hydrogenation through the use of in situ hydrogen generation and the handling of pyrophoric catalysts by filling them in sealed catalyst cartridges (CatCarts®). This technology has been adopted by the leaders in the pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance, fine chemical, agrochemical industries and in academia.


    • Hydrogenation without cylinders
    • No catalyst filtration
    • Active cooling system down to 10 °C and heating capability up to 150 °C
    • User-friendly software that shows and records the real-time parameters
    • Quick optimization using Simplex algorithm
    • Timer function for automation
    • Hastelloy C version for Corrosive reagents
  • ThalesNano H-Cube Mini Plus Hydrogenation Flow Reactor

    ThalesNano  H-Cube® Mini Plus is a safe, powerful and affordable flow reactor which generates high-pressure hydrogen with the electrolysis of water, allowing chemists to perform catalytic hydrogenations from atmospheric pressure and room temperature to 100 bar and 100 °C in minutes.

    The hydrogen generation system of the H-Cube® Mini Plus can be easily turned off to allow non-hydrogenation reactions to be performed as well, such as C-C coupling reactions.


    • Hydrogenation without cylinders
    • No catalyst filtration
    • Fast reactions
    • Easy-to-use
    • Affordable
    • Built-in video tutorial
    • Automated hydrogen drying system
  • ThalesNano PhotoCube Batch & Flow Reactor

    The ThalesNano PhotoCube™ is the first multi-wavelength instrument available for advanced photochemical applications. Various configurations can be applied to a diverse set of batch and flow photochemical reactions. Options for multicolor and UV LEDs enable you to apply up to 7 wavelengths, in addition to white, even simultaneously.


    • Batch and Flow reactions in the same platform
    • 7+1 wavelengths in one instrument
    • Wavelengths: 365, 395, 457, 500, 523, 595, 623 nm and white
    • Batch Reactor volumes: 4 mL and 30 mL glass vials
    • Loop volumes: 5-15 mL
    • Loop materials: FEP or PFA
    • Temperature range: from 20 to 80 °C (with external thermoregulation)
    • LED input power: up to 128 W/color
    • Minisci Reaction
    • Negishi-coupling
    • Wohl-Ziegler Bromination
  • ThalesNano Catalyst Cartridges

    The ThalesNano  CatCart® system is designed to make the handling of even pyrophoric catalysts safer and easier. These cartridges are reusable and compatible with the H-Cube series and Phoenix Flow Reactor™ systems. A big selection of ready-made reactor setups are available for both Homogeneous and Heterogeneous applications. Packed bed reactors: Prefilled CatCarts® (30 mm, 70 mm long CatCarts®) and MidiCarts™ are available. We offer empty metal-metal sealed cartridges with fittings from 1/8” OD to 1/2” OD with 125 mm and 250 mm lengths for custom applications. The reactor holder sets are made of four pieces in each case; they are required to fill up the internal volume of the Phoenix Flow Reactor™. Loops: 4, 8, 16 or 40 mL stainless steel or PTFE and Hastelloy loops are available.


    • SS Loop Package™ for Homogeneous reactions
    • Hastelloy Loop Package™ for Homogeneous reactions
    • PTFE Loop Package™ for Homogeneous reactions
    • Scale-Up Loop Package™ for Homogeneous reactions
    • Heterogeneous Package 70™
    • High Temperature Heterogeneous Package™
    • Scale-Up Heterogeneous Package™
  • ThalesNano Autosampler

    The ThalesNano revolutionary bench-top in situ hydrogen generating reactor in combination with the H-Cube® Pro or the Phoenix Flow Reactor, combined with an industry recognized automated liquid handler and software.

    The Autosampler™ provides all the inherent benefits of the H-Cube® Pro (safety, convenience, high throughput) integrated with an automated liquid handler made by Gilson Inc. and a dedicated control software. Now you can include hydrogenation or other heterogeneous catalytic reactions to automated synthesis.

    The included control software, the H-Sampler™ allows the monitoring of the entire process, including fully automated remote control of the H-Cube® Pro.


    • Automated injection of samples up to 10 mL
    • Open vial and closed vial fraction collection
    • Gilson GX-271 liquid handler
    • Gilson 402 syringe pump and GX direct injector
    • Gilson Code 23W sample rack with 5 mL scintillation vials
    • Gilson Code 24 product rack with 25 mL vials (other Code 20 rack and vials optional
    • H-Sampler™ automation software supports rack and test bed customization